Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On To Something a Little Lighter

I am not really a big reader, but I read the bood My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult a few months ago, and couldn't put it down. Not to mention bawling my eyes out! I picked up another book by the same author titled, Nineteen Minutes.

It was about a high school shooting. It was so interresting to me because it talked about children who get picked on at school because they're a little different. I have one of these children, and it is very hard to deal with. He has had a much better year this year, and has never been severely bullied, but he doesn't know how to handle it at all. How do you teach a child how to roll his eyes at just the right time, or how to be sarcastic? These things come very naturally to me, but I have a child that just doesn't opperate that way. It is extremely frustrating. I think this book helped me to think of things a little differently, to make sure I am giving my children what they need at home, and help as best I can at school.
Anyway, it's one of those books that I haven't been able to stop thinking about since I started reading it Friday, and I have been staying up extra late to finish it. In fact, I keep thinking I should turn the TV on to see the coverage of the news story - then I remind myself it was fiction!
So I think I will delve into one of the photography books I picked up recently. I don't think I can handle another intense one right now.


OH MY #6 said...

I love these tips. I will watch for this book.


redmaryjanes said...

I have a son who has a hard time too.

Amie said...

I am going to read this one.. thanks for bringing it to my attention... Makes me sad that one of your little men ever got bullied. I am so happy to hear this year is better... hugs to you and to him.

Cyndi said...

I will check that book out it sounds interesting. Its hard raising kids and wondering all the time am I doing this right???

Nancy said...

I have this book, but have not had time to read it yet.

DiJo said...

Hey Jennifer!
THANKS for checking in on us over at "First a Pearl, Then a Ruby!"
I hope that God blesses you multiple times over during your wait for your precious child from China!


Christy said...

That is very hard to deal with. You personalize so much of what your kids go through and you so badly want to take away their pain. Mommy bear comes out at full force but unfortunatly when your kids get to a certain age you really cant step in like you can when they are younger. It is a hard line-- ugg!! Working in the schools I see bullying all the time. We have a girl who is very odd and even the nice kids pick on her. It is the saddest thing ever and she knows people hate her. I am so worried about her. We are trying to get her into special ed just so we can move her to another school to give her a fresh start. YOu have to get creative with some of these kids. Her mom is mentally ill-- a low income area-- horrible home life-- and she too is probably mentally ill (undiagnosed at this point but I am sure she is headed that way). This is the type of girl that could snap. It is scary!!! We have to help her and all the others out there before it gets really bad but it is a hard task to take on!! Anyway, sounds like a great book-- I just may pick this one up.

Christy :)

Denise said...

I just finished reading this book also. We must have been reading it at the same time. I was very bothered by the whole book. I was teased in middle school by some pretty mean girls and I still remember how much it hurt me. I used this book to discuss with my boys the importance of being kind to others and not to tease.

Rony said...

Sweetie my heart breaks that anyone would bullying your little guy. What is a parent to do though? The mama bear in me would want to tear the other kids head off for making my child miserable.

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