Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Best Babysitter Ever!

I have the best babysitter I could ever hope for with my boys. One of the teachers at our school has a high school son who loves to play with my boys. He plays baseball on the high school team, and my boys think that is VERY cool! After I thought I would lose my mind the first two weeks of summer, I decided to get Ryan to watch the boys one day a week so I could have a little down time and get some of those pesky errands done by myself. He loves to hang out with my boys and play baseball, games, and this week, build forts. Since Cade's accident, he couldn't play outside, so they decided to build a fort. The following are the pictures of the biggest fort I've ever seen!

and here they are: the coolest fort builders ever. They used every blanket I had in the house, and didn't even break anything! I would never do anything this cool, so I'm glad I have Ryan. (so are my boys!)


Life With All Boys said...

Okay, I need a babysitter like that. Wait, I need ANY babysitter!!

Thanks for stopping by and wishing my baby a happy birthday!!

Melissa said...

I'm glad my boy fits in so well with your boys. Does this mean you'll help with college tuition?

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