Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time for a Little Football!

This past weekend was just what I needed. Heidi and I have been friends for 30 years! We were both in desparate need of some R&R and that's exactly what we got. We did a little retail therapy, pigged out on some amazing food that we did NOT cook and were completely lazy the rest of the time. It was perfect!! (This isn't from this weekend, but a couple of months ago.) May 2012-6367cwf

If you remember my last post, I was ticked that I had missed all the "good stuff" earlier in the week. Finally, I caught something exciting! Cade made an interception in the game last week and I caught it on film :)
sept 2012-9535

sept 2012-9536

He actually hit the ball first and it flew back in the air, then he caught it.  So awesome!
sept 2012-9537

sept 2012-9543

I love this shot...I just feel bad for his little teammate that is under him :)
sept 2012-9522

sept 2012-9523

sept 2012-9524

sept 2012-9597

Cade is usually all about me taking his picture.  This night, I guess he decided he wasn't up for it!  I told him I was posting it for sure!
sept 2012-9588

Reminded me of another picture I posted recently:
August 2012-8834



snekcip said...

You got "DEER CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHT" expressions and my boys were eith VAMPIRES or BONELESS NECK SUBJECTS!! What is that you ask? Oh...its where everytime I would pull the camera out, they would recoil and go into hiding like HAVING THEIR PICTURES TAKEN would "STEAL THEIR SOUL" every impromptu pic and or FAMILY PORTRAITS, they had BONELESS NECKS because their heads were always cocked to one side!! DROVE ME cRaZy!!!!

Glad to see you had a GREAT WEEKEND and gotta say "CADE IS A BEAST ON THE FIELD, SORRY HIS TEAMMATE WAS PART OF THE "FEAST" on the other teammate!!Cades teammates look pretty tough though, bet his teammate shook it off within seconds collecting his innards off the field!! LOL!!!!!

lori carolina said...

LOL....those last two expressions have me laughing out loud...even as I type I can see him out of the corner of my eye and I'm laughing!:)))

Nice intercept Cade, way to go!!!!

I SO want one of those girls weekends, glad you had a great time!!!

Mwalker said...

GRRrrrrrrrrrr! we LOVE it! Football that is ;) Those were some great shots! Glad you were able to catch it on film ;)
Your boys are growing up Jennifer! So Handsome!

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