Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Beast

So this post is totally going to be bragging.  I apologize now but it is, after all, my blog :) Cade is having an amazing week!

We are in the middle of football season.  Football has been different this year.  He's playing for the jr. high school and it doesn't quite compare to the amazing season we had last year.  Last year was something special.  However, he is in 6th grade and he's doing great.  He plays in the 7th grade game and will likely start seeing the field in the 8th grade games, as well.  I never knew I would enjoy this sport as much as I do! I have yet to catch any amazing pictures yet, but I'm going to try again tonight :)

In the middle of football, we are also playing a little baseball!  Not a lot, but we are on a newly formed team this year and they want to see what they have.  This will be the first year that Cade has played in his own age group.  He has played in a higher age bracket since he started tee ball at 2!  He got away with that because Richard coaches and because he's so much bigger than most boys his age.  Also...he's that good!

He has had an amazing week.  He went 9 for 10 Sunday with his first over the wall homerun!  He was just a little excited.  I, however, have been in mourning all week because I was in the 200 degree bathroom with 2 little 4 yr. olds when he hit the homerun!  I'm pretty ticked about it actually, but so proud of him and happy for him!  He also caught a pass for a touchdown yesterday (NO...I was NOT there!!!!).  I will be there tonight, however, so he'd better do something impressive!!!!!!!!!!

They played and won 4 games Sunday and I had 4 other children to take care of, so I missed the last 2 games.  A friend snapped these for me.

That is his homerun ball and the ring they won.
securedownload (2)

securedownload (1)


Paige said...

Not bragging at all, he just rocks!!!:) So fun!!

DiJo said...

You know I would be the loud super fan if I was there with you!!! I am so sorry about the bathroom.. UGH!!!

Tonight's your night!!!!


3 Peanuts said...

That is SO awesome!!!!!!! He really has quite the gift, Jen!!!

Stacy said...

Wow! What a stud!!
I would brag, too!
: )

Deanna said...

WOW! How fun. The boys are so talented. And what a blessing it is that you and Richard can give them opportunities to use that talent. So glad you took that pajama day :)
Love you!

snekcip said...

That's worth bragging about!! BRAG ON!!!! Oh...the dreaded ballpark toilets!!! I swear it feels like a sauna in there!!! I almost hyperventilate. I make Bre go potty an hour before we leave and a "squeeze as much as you can out" right before we head into the car!!

I rather catch a FLYBALL to the NOGGIN instead of holding her 2feet off the toilet seat while I'm dripping with sweat. Believe me....I look a lot like "the title of this post" afterwards!

Not a pretty sight at all!!

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