Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homecoming...Take 2

This time it's Bryce's homecoming.  He has a great group of friends from the band that came to the house to take pics before the dance.  They came back for the after party too.  The jury is still out on how that worked out, seeing as it's 2:05am as I type this.  I'm just going to say...I'm WAY too old to pull an all-nighter!

 Bryce Homecoming 2012-9859cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9863cwf

I love the pics of Bryce, but honestly, I think this one of Gracie might be my favorite.  Gracie was in awe of all the pretty girls, their dresses, shoes and flowers.  She stood in the middle of them all and admired everything.  One of Bryce's friends is from China.  Gracie told her she looked like Mulan.  So cute!
Bryce Homecoming 2012-9872cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9890cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9916cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9928cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9932cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9944cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9947cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9950cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9966cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9972cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9984cwf


Jennifer said...

How beautiful they are were. They look like a great group of kids...

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that the kids all gather at your house... always a compliment to a parent. The girls are beautiful and Gracie is so sweet admiring them.

DiJo said...

I hope you are napping as I comment!!!! You are a great Mom Jen!!!! They all looked so great!!! What a fun night... (for them!)

Congratulations on surviving another high school dance!!!!!


P.S: Bryce and his friend looked GREAT! She's adorable!!

Paige said...

How fun!! Not the 2am part, oh man can I do that again?? I love all that part of high school. I was you when my bigs were in high school since John David was a toddler, moved Allie to college when he was 4. I still have wonderful memories and am so excited to see their friends when they come home from college ect now. Your sweet girls will be so well rounded growing up with your crew:)

Julie said...

Love the pics. So pretty of them all. What lens did you use for the pictures? Thanks so much. I love reading your blog.

3 Peanuts said...


LOVE these photos!!!! Bryce and his date look fabulous! They all look quite snazzy. And I also really love the shot of Gracie. I know Kate would be like that too (but she won't be there this week)!

I am honestly so tired and stressed that I cannot remember if we have talked since the dance.
I feel like you told me about it but I am having trouble remembering. I really must have Alzheimers. Anyway, I cannot wait to hear all about it (again?)

You are such a good Mom to host them and stay up:)

Please pray for Harry. He has a big day tomorrow! MRI.

Sorry I am such a ditz.

Shay Ankerich said...

Such a GREAT group of kids!!! LOVE every single photo!!! XO

snekcip said...

Oh well do I remember the STAY UP AND WAIT nights!

I truly believe now that they reserve some of the most ridiculous TV programming for us STAY UP AND WAIT parents of teenagers. I can remember mu husband and I flipping thru tons of INFOMERCIALS from the "TIDDY BEAR" (a seatbelt covering that you slip onto your seatbelt so that it stops your breast from being irritated" to the Doc Bottoms spray (don't ask...let your imagination fill in the blanks). The SLAP CHOP and GAZELLE wasn't EVEN comparable to these ridiculous items. Although the KATANA SWORD raised quite some concern!! LOL!!!

I tell you by the time the kid(s) got home we were usually in hysterics from the crazy infomercials.

We often got Weird looks and RAISED EYEBROWS followed by a "ummmm yall ok?"

Poor kid(s) probably thought Dad and I was drinking most nights!! Fun times I tell ya!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Did you use your 70-200 f2.8 lens? I love reading your blog.

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