Monday, October 29, 2012

Four is Fabulous!

I have to say...I think 4 is pretty fabulous!  It's something about how their language develops and everything that seems to come out of their mouth is absolutely hysterical.  I think because Gracie has only been home a year, she is a little behind in this area...but not by much!  Yesterday, Gracie fell asleep and I saw an opportunity to video Wesleigh by herself.  There are some words that I just wanted to get her pronunciation recorded...SO cute!  I will do the same for Gracie, but I need to find some time when Wesleigh is not around.  Wesleigh would sit here and tell her what to say the entire time!!

Enjoy!  There are 2 videos of Wesleigh and one of me.  She wanted to turn the tables on me :)


Paige said...

Too cute!!!!! She is so darling!!!

Shannon said...

Oh that is so cute!! It's been a year since I was there and saw her. What a great improvement. I could just squeeze her!!

Anonymous said...

sweet sweet girl and momma too!

Jennifer said...

Cutie!!! I just love her! And I agree....they are hilarious at 4! Gage cracks us up all the time these days!

Stacy said...

So adorable. Can't to see Gracie's!!

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