Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preschool Days

There are alot of things about starting over with young children that I have really not enjoyed repeating:  diapers, sippy cups, carseats, wiping hineys, etc.  There is one thing that I have thoroughly loved experiencing again.  That would be preschool!  Preschool was fun with the boys, but it's a completely different experience with these girls!  These girls are funny.  They play school all the time.  They recite every song they have learned with the hand motions, they are constantly trying to write their name, and they cannot wait to get out the door in the morning.  My boys were NOT like that!  It is so fun to see them discovering the world.

Wesleigh is well on her way to learning what sound each letter makes.  She can usually figure out what letter a word starts with and loves to read the letters she sees.  Gracie is learning this, as well, but doesn't have the same fire for it that Wesleigh does.  I can say honestly that out of 5 children, Wesleigh represents my only perfectionist (she seems to be my typical "first child" lol...) and Gracie represents the only one of mine who might one day need some medication!  lol...  Please hear that I say that in the most loving way possible :)  lol...

So...I took some life pics the other day and think they are too cute.  Wednesday is called "Wacky Wednesday" at school and they take turns bringing snacks for their friends.  Last week was our turn.  Oh my were they excited!  I headed to pintrest to find some cute options and decided to make these Frankenstein pudding cups...SO cute!

Oct 2012-0179

Oct 2012-0161cwf

Making their best "monster" faces.
Oct 2012-0166

Oct 2012-0169

Oct 2012-0177

Oct 2012-0175

They were so proud to bring their creations to school and share with their friends.


Paige said...

I love the pics!!! I agree, I so love preschool as well!!! We are surviving here and counting the days down!!!! Can't wait for our Minnesota trip:)

M3 said...

Oh I saw those little pudding cups on Pinterest and was wondering if they'd turn out as cute as the pin. So glad to see that they did!!! Adorable. The girls are too.

DiJo said...

And the aprons even match the treat!!! :) Way to go
Martha.. You are setting the bar way to high for me!


Stacy said...

You are the coolest mom EVER!!!!!

Shay Ankerich said...

LOVE the little pudding cups and the girls are adorable!!! XOXO

Tracee said...

Cute cute cute!! Love their aprons!!

Is that an ipad on a stand? I've been searching high and low for some sort of "mount" for my ipad for in the kitchen. We live in a very old tiny house and counter space is lacking...and I would prefer something that would attach underneath the upper cabinets...but saw yours. Any idea where you got it?



Lori said...

I totally agree about Preschool!!
Try grown out of the house kids and then start all over with diapers/formula/bottles.

What a FUN and CREATIVE idea!! Girls look ADORABLE!!

Keisha said...

I just saw these cute cups at a party tonight! I love it!! So cute! I bet the girls had fun!

Dawn said...

It is SO different with girls after raising boys isn't it??? Lucy plays school too..from the MINUTE she gets home to the time she goes to bed..the boys shake their head and can't believe she would WANT to play that after being there all day :)!!
Love the pudding cups!!

lori carolina said...

Those pudding cups are darling and don't tell the girls I said this but they are they least-scary, least-creepy monsters I've ever seen!!:))

likeschocolate said...

Such a cute idea!

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