Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hurricane Life

Well...we made it through Hurricane Isaac with little more than some inconvenience and alot of water.  Isaac was the slowest moving huricane EVER!  We waited and waited on that storm to hit and then waited some more for it to pass.  The boys were out of school from Tues. on and because of Labor Day, won't be back until next Tuesday!  I am just very thankful this storm hit before the girls went back to school.  They are so ready to start (and so am I!!).

Here are some pics of hurricane life :)

What do you do with no electricity for a couple of days?
The girls painted and played with play doh the same day!  That is a good day in their books :)
Hurricane Issac 2012-9022

Cade and the girls played in the rain:
Hurricane Issac 2012-9026

Hurricane Issac 2012-9047

Hurricane Issac 2012-9049

Hurricane Issac 2012-9070

Hurricane Issac 2012-9033
Hurricane Issac 2012-9075

Richard filled generators and set up our bedroom so we could sleep in the cool.
Hurricane Issac 2012-9039

Hurricane Issac 2012-9040

Our compound:  4 twin mattresses on our bedroom floor.  We had the window air conditioner, tv and DVD hooked up to the generator.  It was actually very comfortable.  (Braden was at a friends...otherwise there would have been 5 mattresses :)
Hurricane Issac 2012-9103

Two little girls telling stories with their lantern :)
Hurricane Issac 2012-9106

The next morning, we did wake up to quite a surprise.  We have never seen so much water at our house!  This is the golf course!!
Hurricane Issac 2012-9090

photo (6)

Hurricane Issac 2012-9091

Hurricane Issac 2012-9094

Thankfully, the generator runs coffee pots too :)
Hurricane Issac 2012-9100

After the storm passed, there was just alot of water to play in!  Bryce and his friends found this huge raft in a box in my garage.  (I had bought it years ago on sale, expecting we'd build a pool.  I guess this will have to be the pool :)
photo (1)

They paddled all the way over the flooded canal to one of the other boys' house.  A little scary for a mom, but since I wasn't home at the time, the boys get to play :)
photo (2)

photo (5)

Braden spent the whole storm with a friend, so I don't have any pictures of their storm antics.  I've heard that they spent time skin boarding on the flooded hill behind their house :)

In all seriousness, there are some people who live in our part of the state who have flooded terribly.  I am so sad for these families and pray this is the only storm we see for a long time!


Leggio said...

I was worried about yall but it looks like yall had some fun family time. LOL So glad you all are okay.

One Happy Mama said...

Those slow moving systems can be the worst ones! We live in Houston and have first hand experience! Good thing the electricity was only out a couple of days - the kids looked like they still had fun! ~Nancy

Sophie said...

Wow, looks like lots of fun for the kids but what a mess that storm left behind. Praying for the family that suffered losses.
And thank God you were able to make coffee, coffee is a huge blessing for me!

3 Peanuts said...

I am so glad y'all were not affected too badly. You actually make hurricane life look fun (although I know full well it is not always fun). That raft looks so much fun but a Mom...I would have worried too.

PLEASE know that your family is always welcome to come here when you see a big one coming. Or when you need to get out. ALWAYS. I was in a cave and had no clue Isaac was wreaking such havoc. Dave was very concerned for y'all (he watches the news) and told me to check on you.

quilt'n-mama said...

Glad you all did ok with the storm, I thought of you often after we talked about Katrina in China, our sweet boy was born right after Katrina and shared the NICU in Texas with a Katrina baby flown there.

The water is amazing, looks like they had a blast with the raft and the girls had some fun "camp" time with you!

Blessings friend.

Keisha said...

Glad that's all you guys had! It looks as if you made the best of it;)

Jennifer said...

That is crazy!! Looks like y'all made some good hurricane memories though. My parents escaped it and came here, but went home to a mess. Trees everywhere! Glad y'all stayed safe

Nikki said...

So glad you were safe! Those pictures are unbelievable!!!

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