Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well...the Cheerleaders were Cute!!

Lordy..there is one thing, and one thing only, being talked about in my town today:  FOOTBALL!!  Good grief!  I will admit...that was the worst game I've ever seen the Tigers play.  I'm just glad we didn't spend $1300/ticket to be there!!  I would have never spent that anyway...but I'm so glad I wasn't there.  The drive home from New Orleans to Baton Rouge was described as a "funeral procession".  lol...I'm just glad I don't really care!  I cared much more when it was Cade's team in their superbowl.  Speaking of Cade....just in case you're wondering...he could have done a MUCH better job as quarterback than the guy they had in there!!!

So...the best part of last night was seeing these two dressed in their cheerleader outfits.  My sister in law gave me these a year ago for Wesleigh.  They were both worn by my niece who is almost 12!  I just totally lucked out that there was a size 3 and a size 4...just perfect for the girls!  They were loving it!

Jan 2012 (10 of 15)
Jan 2012 (11 of 15)
Jan 2012 (9 of 15) Jan 2012 (15 of 15)

I had to post some more princess pictures.  This is what these two do every single day!  They make a tea party and dress up in their princess clothes.  I am constantly amazed at how well the play together and get along.  Thank you, Lord!  That is such an answer to prayer!!

Jan 2012 (2 of 15) (this is what their hair looks like when they're at home all day :)
Jan 2012 (3 of 15)
Jan 2012 (5 of 15)

Have you noticed where this princess castle is???  Yep...that's the front door!!  Before Christmas, their kitchen and alot of their toys were in the keeping room where we spend most of our time. When we got our tree, though, it all needed to go somewhere else. I put everything in the foyer because it has alot of open space. It has worked out great (especially since the castle came)! For a few days, it really bugged me that if you came to my front door, you see a "playroom". I have not been able to buy furniture for some parts of the house yet...foyer included. Part of that reason is because we chose to go to China...twice. I do not regret that decision, so I will enjoy the fact that there is a great place for the two of them to make their tea parties and play princess. All the great light there is a bonus :)


Paige said...

Yeah, stinky game huh? I fell asleep:). I am loving all the princess pics and they are too cute in the cheerleader outfits. I totally get the no furniture plan, we outgrew our dining room table years ago but it is still on the back burner with another trip to China. Don't mind a bit:)

Jennifer said...

I feel ya! I guess we have plenty of time to decorate our house, so toys in the dining room it is :)
Horrible game!!! Just sad!! But at least you had some CUTE cheerleaders! LOVE those cuties!

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

Those outfits are darling:)
Besides, those two are much cuter than furniture:)

Terri said...

They are so cute! I just love reading and looking at your blog!

DiJo said...

I think Sienna would die for that tower!!!! You are right the light is perfect there!!! So precious!!!

And let's talk about the cute cheerleaders!!!!!! For some reason I can envision GJ being the one that get's thrown in the air and lands on some guy's shoulders!!!!!

Sorry about the game!! At least you have the Saints!!!


Hannah said...

Your blog has quickly become one my favorites. I just love it.

I love the outfits but the pictures that really hit home for me are the messy hair and princess dolls. That is my little Monkey baby every single day...messy hair and princess dolls everywhere.

Brooke said...

haha- That game was BRUTAL!! Being from Alabama, I kinda wanted AL to take the win and keep it in the state, but my hubby being a die hard Auburn fan was cheering "Geaux Tigers" the whole night. I just patted him on the back when it was over and told him obviously, he couldn't win for losing this year- haha! But yes, your girlies are ADORABLE!!! And their hair is just beautiful down!! (Where are you getting those precious bows? I'd LOVE to have one for Miss Ruby-Grace.) And no furniture? No worries! As a result of saving to go to Korea, we still have Alabama Red carpet in what will be our master bedroom! That should go lovely with our baby blue vanessa pottery barn bedding! :/ NOT! xoxo Brooke

snekcip said...

Ok, I'm LOVING their messy hair while playing in there princess dresses!! This picture will definitely be one they will look back on years from now and have fond memories of!!

PS Love! Love! Love! The cheerleader pics of the girls!

Have to borrow my brother's crack on LSU: Bet it was so QUIET in Louisiana on Monday...that you could hear GUMBO cooking! :)

Linda said...

The first one really shows the difference in their personality! I remember sweet Madelyn in these - I'm sure I can find a picture somewhere.

Shannon said...

Awful game, but still a great season! So glad Jefferson is out the door!!

Love the messy hair pics. Wesleigh's hair has grown so much. I sometimes don't realize it when her hair (even part of it) is pulled up because I'm usually focused on the bows. :) Too cute!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Sorry about the game and your are right, the cheerleaders are precious!!! Who cares where the toys are??? Let them play!!! SO wonderful that they have each other!!! XOXO Blessings and love!

Football and Fried Rice said...

It really is ALL about the cheerleaders isn't it?! They are A-dorable!!

3 Peanuts said...

The girls look darling!!!! Our BFF's here were very interested in that game as my friend, Cathy (the mom) is an LSU alum and the Dad is an Alabama alum. So we watched the season game with them at a party it was fun. I did not watch this bowl game but was rooting for Cathy (LSU).

Emily Makes Six said...

Those are the cutest little LSU Cheerleaders I have ever seen.

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