Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yum Fun!!

There's nothing I can think of that beats deep fried dough covered with powdered sugar...known in these parts as beignets.  Yum!!  Share them with family...and it's perfect! 


Before Darren, Deanna and the kids left yesterday, we met at Coffee Call to pigout on enjoy some beignets. We had a great time and, as you will see, things got quite messy! I'm pretty sure everyone in that restaurant was pretty happy when we left :) It all started with a little dab of sugar on their noses...of course, it wouldn't end there. (Rylan and Auden weren't there yet)family pics (265 of 33) family pics (266 of 33) family pics (262 of 33) 401094_10150506108679275_646374274_8800023_316104590_n

Pretty soon, this is what they looked like! family pics (208 of 39) 390644_10150506108894275_646374274_8800026_1316355653_n family pics (209 of 39)

Look how hard Wesleigh is concentrating on Madelyn's face. She has her tongue out which must help her think :) family pics (211 of 39) family pics (220 of 39) family pics (228 of 39)

Before we got there, I was reminding Wesleigh what beignets are. She said, "Oh, yeah, I lika that!" And boy does she! family pics (251 of 33)

Gracie never actually ate the donut...she just licked the sugar! family pics (200 of 39)

And my favorites of the day, taken by my sweet Sister in law:

These two were inseperable. If Madelyn was around, Wesleigh was right by her. So sweet! 400550_10150506109099275_646374274_8800031_240647249_n 401035_10150506109249275_646374274_8800033_1643160352_n

And my sweet daddy with our wild child! 390988_10150506108999275_646374274_8800029_2039786159_n It was the perfect way to end our sweet time together. We miss them already!


DiJo said...

Another reason to visit you!!!!! Love these fun pics!!!!!!
So fun to see PawPaw lovin on GJ!!!! Such a cute pic of them!!!!!

So glad you had such a fun weekend with your brothers!! I know what it's like to miss your Big Brother!!

Back to reality!

Martha said...

love love love beignets.

snekcip said...

beignets... is the equivalent of ELEPHANT EARS!! Yum!!!

Lori said...

What FUN!!! Not to mention the yummy breakfast...:-)
Looks like everyone had a BLAST!!!


redmaryjanes said...

You have a beautiful family.
We need one of those potato launchers. My boys would go nuts with it launching potatoes into the lake!

Shannon said...

Oh this REALLY makes me miss home!! Love me some beignets! These pictures are so cute. Cherished memories!!

Debbie said...

Oh what a great way to spend time with your family before life returns to normal! So cute, all of you!

Debbie said...

Oh what a great way to spend time with your family before life returns to normal! So cute, all of you!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Like funnel cake? Looks like a dream :) I couldn't help,but notice you were holding that swweet new baby!

Jolene said...

Love those pictures! Honestly, it makes me tear up. God is so good!

3 Peanuts said...

There is nothing better than beignets!!! Seriously adorable pics.

Sharon Ankerich said...

Never had a beignet but they look de-li-cious!!! Adorable photos of your sweet family! There is nothing sweeter than time spent together! Thanks for sharing them!!! Blessings and love today! XO

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

Now I have the worst craving:) Sweet pics


When I lived in Galveston Texas we had beignets too but there were in squares and they puffed up big when fried. Super yummy. I'm glad you had a great time for Christmas.

Kelly Denise said...

Love beignets

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