Monday, January 9, 2012

Cute and Funny

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These two princesses have been busy!  They don't go back to school until tomorrow and they are terribly missing their teacher and all their "friends".  The boys went back to school today.  It was way past time!!  Three weeks is too much time.  Not because I was tired of them, but they were bored and am I!! 

I thought I'd take a minute and post some of the things Wesleigh has been saying lately.  Gracie's language is really good, but she doesn't have the vocabulary that Wesleigh has yet.  Wesleigh has really grown up in the past few weeks.  She has been 100% potty trained...Thank You, Lord!!  And the things she's been coming up with are absolutely hysterical!  Here are a couple of examples:

As we're driving down the road, she starts saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  This is what she says, "I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of Christmas".  Then she tries again, "Merry Christmas to the flag..."  So funny!!

Yesterday, Richard went into a little grocery store to pick us up some lunch. 
W:  Where's Daddy?
Me: He's getting you something to eat.
W: And my brothers?
Me: yes
W: And my sister?
Me: yes
W:  All my peoples

When I got her dressed for church, I told her, "You look awfully cute today".  She smiled and said, "I go see my brothers (bruders) and see I cute".  So cute.  Sure enough, she walked in the kitchen looking for a brother that would tell her how cute she looked.  (She didn't have to wait long).

She calls the boys "my boys".  She'll say, "I need to see my boys" or "Where are my boys?". 

She picked up my phone last night, turned on the camera and pretended to video me.  She sounded just like me when I video her.  She asked me what I got for Christmas.  Then she said, "Tell me bye-bye" and then "I love you", which is what I do every time :)

She adds the "uh" sound after the word like and love, so she says "Oh yeah, I lika that" or "I lova you".  She has started telling my she loves me more independantly lately.  She kisses me on the cheek and says "I lova you, Mama".

Wesleigh asks to go swimming all the time.  It's kind of hard to explain that we can't because it's too cold when it's 80 degrees outside!!

She makes up songs in the car.  She tells me she's going to sing me a song and then she starts singing about anything.  It could be about brushing her teeth or going to school...anything that's going on right then.

She starts belly laughing at the drop of a hat.  She laughs so hard that tears immediately start running down her face.

At church yesterday, there was a mom holding her baby girl.  The baby had on some precious football legwarmers with purple and gold ruffles at the feet. (In case you haven't heard....there's a big game here tonight)  Both girls were just ooohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing over the baby.  Wesleigh said, "She look like a mermaid"...and she kind of did!  The mom and I got a big kick over it.
Don't think Gracie ever lets Wesleigh upstage her.  She might not have as many words...but she is hysterical:

Gracie came out of the church nursery yesterday and immediately raised her hand up and said "Jesus" in a loud sing-song voice.  She did it a few times and everyone waiting in line got a big kick out of her.  It is humbling to think that she would never have been allowed to go to a church and learn about Jesus had she stayed in China.

When you ask Gracie about Santa, she says "I cwy", then she rubs her fist to her eyes and says "wa wa".  It is so funny.  She says that she is not going to cry next time...Santa was pretty good to her :)  She also does the same crying bit when you ask her if she rode on an airplane.  She only cried when we took off on half the flights, but she does not like it! 

They set up tea parties all the time.  This is an elaborate setting they did a while back.  They are really good at entertaining themselves with their babies and teaparties.  They also have birthday parties for each other.  I can't wait until it's their real birthdays...they are going to be so excited.  You see Kailan sitting here.  Her name is not Kailan's "Chinese".  I do not know how or why...but it is.
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I know there's more, but this is all I can think of right now.  I love this age...potty trained and funny! 


Sharon Ankerich said...

Looks about like what's going on at this house. LOL Piles of creations everywhere and no one wants to clean them up. :) LOVE all the things W has been saying~ she's a hoot!!! Blessings and love! XO

DiJo said...

We got the funny thing covered over here... The potty training... Not so much!!!!

I miss that TeaCup and her side-kick!!! So glad they are doing so well.. They (and you) will be so excited tomorrow morning!!!


3 Peanuts said...

I love all these cute little stories about the girls. i am sure they keep you laughing!!!

Lauren McGowan said...

The Princesses still make me smile! How did your home survive without all this added estrogen? The sparkles never end, huh? And we have to love JESUS, right Gracie? I "lova" all the Doughtys!

Mission To Macie said...

oh my goodness I don't know why but I now have the giggles over KaiLans's name change to chinese...ahahahah too funny!!!

Jill :)

Paige said...

Oh this post makes me smile:) I love that they love each other and play together, I sure am hoping Madeline will be sweet to Janie:)
Madeline got the same doll house for Christmas and a bunch of dress up clothes as well, makes for hours of playing in her room:)
I am so happy for YOU that Wesleigh is potty trained, whoo hooooo amen!!

Permanent Nomad said...

Ha! I was cracking up reading about the United States of Christmas! How adorable!!!

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