Friday, January 6, 2012

A Bunch of Nothin'


I found this picture and realized I never posted it. These dresses are from my new favorite line, Georgia Grace. Their clothes are yummy!  I even looked into becoming a rep for their company because I love them so much.  Richard quickly brought me back to reality...reminding me in a very kind way that I'm struggling with keeping up with what's on my plate already.  He's right.

This morning is the first morning I've had to watch the sun rise in a long time...UGH!  Braden went back to school today, but the others don't go back until next week.  The break has been too long.  The kiddos are bored and it's going to make going back even that much more painful!  The girls have been sleeping late, so I've been staying up way too late watching old episodes of Friends, my all-time favorite show.  I lay in bed laughing out loud :)  I have great hope that they will sleep late this summer!!  That would be heaven for me!!

Speaking of has been in the 70's here this week!  Absolutely gorgeous!!  We have not taken advantage of it like we should, but it's been great.  I'm going to go into complete shock when winter comes back!  I'm already looking ahead to swim season!!

Oh well...nothing else really happening.  I'm going to work on the post about Gracie's sn.  We will also celebrate Wesleigh's "gotcha" this month!!  We also have her birthday coming in Feb!!  She's going to be FOUR!!  Her language and personality have moved to another level in the past couple of weeks, so I can't wait to write a post on the teacup!!


redmaryjanes said...

I would love to have some 70's weather here. Just gray outside and in the 40's. No snow.
I am hearing a lot about Georgia Grace. I haven't ordered from them yet, but I think I will try some of their items. I am kind of needing a break from Matilda Jane.

Krissiem said...

LOVE these clothes..and has inspired me to watch the new and hottest trends for little girls. Might have to break out the sewing machine and create some goodies for our little one once we are matched! Just got our LID notice and we are hoping for a match soon! Let me know if you ever have an online yard sale--- I would love to help out!


Allie said...

Oh They are too cute :) Love those dresses!
[Finally a somewhat-okay picture of the two girls together. lol]

Martha said...

What about those glittery hair bows? Do you get those from Georgia Grace too? We need some bling bows around this house!

Jennifer said...

4!!! Where did time go?? I feel like I was just following y'all on your trip to get that little teacup!!
I love their bows!!! Where do you get those? They may be a little big for M now....or maybe not??;)
love ya!

Jen said...

I found your blog a couple of months ago as I was kind of randomly looking at adoption blogs. I have enjoyed reading about your beautiful girls and your adoption experiences. It has helped me as we wait to bring home our own baby girl from China...I also love seeing all of their darling outfits!

DiJo said...

I LOVE those precious girls and those precious dresses!!!!! A lot of nothing going on around here today too!!!!


Shannon said...

Absolutely adorable!!

It was in the 70's here in Dallas last week too, but back to the
40's this morning and rainy, but we need it so I'm not complaining.

Love me some Friends - my all time fav too!!

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