Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lovin' My Family

My brother and his family have been in town this week. We don't get to spend alot of time with them, so we've been enjoying them! Wesleigh and Gracie LOVE my niece, Madelyn, and with two new babies in the family, I'm sure she has had all the cousin fun she can stand. My nephew has gotten some quality time with all the boys too. It has been alot of fun. Friday we had our Christmas celebration and exchanged gifts. We also took a family picture since we were all together. With 8 adults and 11 children, it was quite a feat. family pics (19 of 85)pollyana country I think it turned out great though! I had the camera on a tripod and I kept running back and forth setting the timer. There was probably a way to do it easier, but it actually kept all the kids entertained.  Richard did admit that he and some of my family (hmmm....), although they didn't want me to fall, would have been happy to laugh hysterically if it had happened :)

I should have taken pics of each separate family so you could see who goes with who. My brother, Darren and his wife Deanna, (by Richard and I) have Madelyn (holding baby Adalie) and Hayden (only blonde headed boy). My brother, Joel and his wife Jennifer now have 4! They have Rylan and Auden. Then they have Ever and Adalie (the two babies). They adopted these two 3 months apart!! So...we have 2 sets of virtual twins in our family :)

So the ages of the grandkids are as follows: 1 month, 4 months, 2, 3, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15. It has been pretty exciting over here the past few days :) Here are a few other pics we took: family pics (13 of 85) family pics (4 of 85)

The girls: family pics (25 of 85)

The boys: family pics (29 of 85) The boys win! They were much better at posing for the pics :)

Madelyn and Adalie:
family pics (86 of 85)

family pics (38 of 85)

Cade and Auden. They have adored each other since Auden was a baby. Cade had to hold her for the
family pics.

family pics (40 of 85)

Baby Ever: family pics (49 of 85)

Baby Adalie: family pics (50 of 85) family pics (55 of 85)

I love Wesleigh and Gracie's faces in this picture. They were just a little excited. family pics (65 of 85) family pics (70 of 85)

The girls got a princess castle for their Disney barbies. family pics (74 of 85) family pics (76 of 85)

The girls got Dr. kits and LOVE them!! family pics (81 of 85)

It was a fun night and the first of alot of family time.  Makes me really wish they lived closer!!


Allie said...

Very sweet pictures! It's amazing to see how Gracie has adjusted. Might I ask where you get the girls' bows? I love that one on Gracie! If you ever need to pass some down to someone, I'll take them! Lol :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

i LOVE them babies!! I love the name Ever! And how adorable is Madelyn's headband?? You did a good job on he big family photo and sorry girls, the boys DID do an awesome job!! Im sure your mama will treasure those pictures of her babies and their babies!

Brooke said...

Such adorable photos!! Time with family can never be too much! xoxo Brooke

Sharon Ankerich said...

I agree with Sara~ the family photo is framing material!!! Amazing!!! You did good girl!!! Loved seeing the wonderful treasures everyone got~ the smiles are so sweet! You have a gorgeous family~ your mama and daddy did good too. LOL XOXO

Paige said...

the pictures are awesome!! When you wrote about setting the timer it reminded me of our photo shoot my aunt was in charge of at the beach one year. She had a new camera and could not figure out the timer. We had about 10 shots of her running to get in the picture with the family before she got it right. The picture is so funny because we are all laughing so hard!!
So glad you had such a nice time with family, it is just the best!!!

Debbie said...

I one of 7 children, there is nothing like spending time with family :-0)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow, what a lovely family you have. Looks like a crazy, great time was had.

Happy New Year!


Martha said...

Love those family photos...Yah! for big families with lots of cousins...Maybe my 4 will grow up to have lots o kids and create lots of cousins for their kids to enjoy...cause my kiddos don't have any cousins now and that's just plain SAD!

Keisha said...

WHat a Beautiful family! The photos are priceless. ;)Hope you're having a great NEw year!

Nancy said...

We also to the Barbie house for Arianna. Are you having the same problem we are with the pieces not staying together? Seems to be poorly designed.

3 Peanuts said...

Looks like a VERY fun family get together (potato shooting and all). Love the big family photo. you did very well. All the kiddies are so darned CUTE!

All the decorations are down and put away ...Hallelujah! the kids go back to school tomorrow and Dave goes back to work. I need to finish up high school and middle school applications and deliver them...then I am going to relax a little this week. Hopefully that will include a nice ling catch up with you:)

Happy New Year!

snekcip said...

What great pictures!!! I hail from a large family, so I treasure times such as this!!! You have a beautiful LARGE family!

PS Love the name Ever!!!

Lauren McGowan said...

So you know I always admire your photos. But my favorite has to be the one where Richard is in the background ready with his black garbage bag. Jim pointed that out quickly and added,"There's Richard, ready to get the mess picked up....can't have mess." The McGowans thrive in mess!!! (not Daddy McGowan, however...he would have the bags ready as well.) Great family moments that you caputured for a lifetime. Let me know when you need Sadie to come replace the cousins that to you. Lau

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