Thursday, January 26, 2012

Miss Emme Jade

* UPDATE:  Emme is doing GREAT!  The surgery was much shorter than expected and she is resting in PICU.  She will be there for a few days.   There are a few complications the Dr.'s will be looking out for, so please continue to pray that there will be no complications in the days to come.

Please join me today in praying for sweet Emme.  She is about to have her de-tether surgery in just a few minutes.  I know God's hand is on this precious child, but this surgery is not fun for Emme or her parents!  I know they could use some extra support!



Heather N said...

Praying for your sweet, precious babe.

Linda said...

Praying for precious Emme.

DiJo said...

Love you Friend!

~The Mom to the Little Bean!

Jennifer said...


Kayla said...


KandK said...

Sending all our love and prayers to Emme. She is God's Angel and He is watching over her.

God Bless,

Debbie said...

Oh crikey.....this photo makes me well up. Sending lots of prayers from the UK

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