Sunday, April 24, 2011

~Happy Easter!~

We had a great day today. We spent the morning celebrating our Savior, and the afternoon with family. Wesleigh seemed to be very excited about her "bubbles" Easter basket. This was Wesleigh's second Easter with us. It was exciting to me to have "memories" of her last Easter. That might seem silly, but it is so different knowing nothing of her past in China. I love that we are making memories we will be able to look back on.

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My Four Cuties
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I recently decided I needed to try to take more pictures of the adults in our life. I'm really bad about every picture being of the kids. I did better today, but not great...I didn't have a picture of my mom :(
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My dad started playing horseshoes with the boys quite a while back. They love it. Today was the first time I actually sat out there and watched them. I even joined in a game :)
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Paw Paw got his hair styled like Rapunzel.
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And, of course, an Easter egg hunt.
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My parents gave her this baby Cinderella. She loved it and insisted that she come along on the hunt.
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How about these two? How hysterical is my neice, Auden? She is adorable.
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Auden loves Cade, and he loves her right back. She called his name all afternoon.
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My dad seemed to enjoy the kids' bubbles too :) He says he was just getting it to work...sure you were, dad :)
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I am SO glad the boys are off of school this week!!! A week of no homework sounds like heaven to me right now. We are starting the week tomorrow with dentist check-ups. This will be Wesleigh's first trip, so it should be interresting.


Debbie said...

Great update! I know what you mean....I find it reaaly difficult to get in fron of the lens....I take all the photos or else we wouldn't have any!

Cathy said...

Love all of your pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

Cathy and Naomi

Football and Fried Rice said...

Looks like a fun Easter! I know exactly what you mean aout creating your own memories and remembering them - I felt that way at Christmas too..

LOVE the newest picture of you and Richard! Yes, we ALWAYS need more pictures of *the bigs* in our lives! We are just not as cute as the kids! (I mean, Auden? That outfit? Those glasses!? And Wesleigh!?) you see where I am going with this..

Though, it WAS pretty entertaining to see your Dad playing :)

I hope you enjoy your spring break!

3 Peanuts said...

Looks like a really fun Easter. What is so neat is that I can totally picture Paw Paw getting his hair done and "getting the bubbles to work". Your family is so cute!!!

I think it is good to get more adults in the photos. i want the ids to see photos of me and Dave before we get TOO OLD AND HAGGARD. The only problem is when I look at the photos with me n them...I already look that way!

Auden is adorable too. She looks so chic with that huge bow and sunglasses.

3 Peanuts said...

PS- LOVE the headband on W! It looks adorable!!!

Serving the King said...

Girl I'm so with you. If not for putting together a dossier last year I'm certain John and I would have NEVER had a picture together! Sheesh! Gorgeous pics my friend!

Sharon Ankerich said...

What a wonderful day with your sweet family. Wesleigh looked adorable and looked like she had a ball! The boys are SO handsome~ can't believe we will have our baby boy next year! The pic of you and Richard is awesome!!! SO happy you had such a sweet day~ blessings to you sweet friend!!!

snekcip said...

Love the pic of you and Richard!! I can't stand being in front of the camera! However, I promised myself that THIS YEAR I would definitely get a family picture in!! Also love the one of the kids....THAT IS PRICELESS! I'm ashamed to say the last picture I have of ALL of together was when the baby girl was 18mos old! SHE IS 21! I know....I know...sad isnt it!

Martha said...

love, love the photos...your photos just tell a story. I always look forward to your updates. Blessings on a great spring break week.

Sammons said...

You have such a beautiful family Jennifer! I too loved making yet another new memory for my baby girls life. Last year she was brand new to walking and yet totally in to the egg hunt and eating hard boiled eggs (Whites only)! This year, she's running and jumping and skipping, was again totally in to the egg hunt, still loves the hard boiled eggs (now popping the yolk out herself and throwing it in the trash) and loved coloring eggs as well! Next year.... She will start to hear and understand the real reason and meaning of Easter! Next year you will have Gracie girl home and double the fun of everything!!! It is going to be incredible!
Have a beautiful week with all the kiddos and NO homework!!

Jennifer said...

I've got to say, you've got some cute kids on your hands! Wesleigh's dress is adorable...and love her headband too! Glad y'all had a good Easter! Enjoy your break...:)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Happy Easter!

You look so beautiful!


Kim said...

Look like a great day...
Love the photos..
Have a great week..
Happy Easter

Tina Michelle said...

Looks like fun!

DiJo said...

Adorable pics of your gorgeous family!!! LOVE Auden!
She cracks me up, and I don't even know her!!!!

Tea Cup's dress is precious on her!!!!!

Loved hearing about Braeden too!!!!

Lifting you and Cade up friend!

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