Monday, April 25, 2011


A good friend of mine mentioned the other day that she felt like she "knew" Braden the least of all my children. She wanted me to do a post about him. I started thinking about that and wondered why it would be that he wouldn't be showcased as much. It actually makes perfect sense. Braden is my quietest child. He does not jump in front of the camera like Cade or isn't having lots of new experiences like Bryce is lately. He is just the same Braden that he has always been...sweet, shy, quiet, wonderful Braden. He has struggled a little this school year. He changed schools and also started jr. high. The work load has been heavy and our house isn't really condusive to quiet study time :) He's hard to read alot of the time. We have to really pull information out of him, which drives me crazy!! I know he'll be fine, but sometimes, it's painful to watch!

As a mom of multiple children, there are different seasons I go through. At certain times, a different child seems to steal my heart and become my soul for a while. Right now...Braden is that child. Maybe it's God's way of letting us know, that child needs a little "extra" right now.

Braden is his dad made over. He looks like Richard did when he was young. He acts just like Richard and has the same interests and hobbies. He has such a heart for the Lord. He wants to grow up and manage land with his dad (this is not what Richard does right now...they have big plans!) I love it and would love nothing more. He's a good 'ole country boy.

Braden has been busy with school, friends, and baseball. He is on a very competitive baseball team, and he plays most weekends. We have not been traveling too much yet, but I'm afraid that is about to pick up! He is a very talented player, but Richard and I have been concerned that he has lost some of his intensity for the game. We are trying to make sure he doesn't feel pressured or unhappy. We have talked to him and he assures us that he doesn't know what we're talking about. Last weekend, we were happy to see the "old" Braden make an appearance. He had an amazing weekend. I am hoping he has turned the corner. School being out for the summer will be a big help.

braden lightroom-3

He plays 2nd base and catcher.
braden lightroom

I hate that his eyes are closed! The ball came right at me and I quickly turned the camera to catch this shot. He was sliding to the ball.


Braden is still as skinny as they come, and we give him a hard time about it. The way things go...he'll probably be the biggest of all!


3 Peanuts said...

Yeah!!! This "good Friend" has been waiting for this. Braden just sounds like a sweet guy. I love the way you wrote about him. We'll come hang out on his "land" someday and sip sweet tea:) And we like skinny guys over here..wink wink:) I really love this post, Jen. BIG HUGS to you.

Sharon Ankerich said...

What a wonderful son!!! You are SO blessed with all your children~ LOVE the baseball shots. I am already thinking of the time we will spend at the baseball field with Will. :)
Blessings and love!

Linda said...

Braden is by far our most affectionate grandchild! He's a sweetie, smart as a whip, especially in math, and athletically talented. He's the one who encourages the rest of the team and his brothers. He encourages me!!! Love that boy!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I think it's sweet that Braden reminds you of Richard! I know how it goes wihen one (or more) of your kids aren't scene stealers! It's easier to let them fly under the radar :) I also love how God will place the right kid on your heart at the right time - He knows!!

3 Peanuts said...

Maw MAw...I love your sweet words to add to what Jen wrote. He sounds like he will be a great Dad and husband.

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