Thursday, April 21, 2011


Cade doesn't have as many different things going as Bryce does, but his baseball takes up a good amount of time. He plays on a tournament team with alot of his football friends. Last year, Cade played on Braden's tournament team because we had just come home from China, and I just couldn't do a third team (Bryce was playing also). This put him playing 2 years up on a AAA team. Truth is, he was fine ability wise, but emotionally....well....he was 2 years younger. It really wasn't fair to him because he sat the bench alot, just because he was younger (and dad was the coach). This year, he is with his friends. What this team lacks in ability, it makes up for with the smile on my sweet boy's face.

Here is a series of pictures from him pitching. I'll be honest...he's awesome!!! Not only is he a great pitcher, but if he feels like it, he gives the batter a stare-down that would scare a grown man!! If they only knew...he's such a softy!! I don't have a good pic of his stare-down yet. I'll work on getting that!!

lightroom (1 of 10)

lightroom (2 of 10)

lightroom (3 of 10)

lightroom (4 of 10)

lightroom (5 of 10)

Other than baseball, there's school. Every year, the 4th and 5th graders have a program called "Puttin on the Hits". To be honest, I hate this!! It's a lip-syncing contest the kids do (for a grade). You have to try-out and the teachers choose about 10 acts to perform in the show. This is now my 5th year to go through this! I have never enjoyed it. Some of the parents go nuts and spend months practicing with the kids and making elaborate props and costumes. I just don't get it! Cade is my first child that really cared about it, but didn't have a group with one of those over-achiever moms. This meant, it was up to me! UGH... I told Cade his friends could come over last Sat from 10-12. We chose the song "Shake Your Booty" because it has about 5 words they had to memorize, and because there wasn't enough time to make it look authentic, we decided they would dress up like nerds and do it silly. It turned out hysterical! I tried to prepare Cade for the disappointment of not making it into the show. I didn't think there was any way. Well....they made it! Unbelievable. The teachers thought it was hysterical. The good news...Cade is beside himself happy. The bad news....the show isn't for another 3 weeks so we're going to have to have another practice!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! I'm going to video it and post because it's hysterical!

Here they are "in character"
cade lightroom

2 Kids down...3 to go!! Wow...that's alot of kids!!


snekcip said...

Too funny! I can't wait to see the video!! Love that he is a well-rounded kid!

Martha said...

Can't wait to see the video!

carolinagirl said...

LOVE that last photo! So cute!

DiJo said...

I just can't wait to meet Cade in China!!!!!! Emme Jade is going to love him! These BB shots are GREAT!!!!!

And, I think he is the cutest nerd EVER!!!

:) Di

Sharon Ankerich said...

What a great post about another amazing son!!! Love the pic of their singing group! I can't stand projects like either!!! Blessings to you!

Debbie said...

Great post....looking forward to the video cause I love the glasses photos!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I can totally believe that Cade is a sweetie/softy! Funny that he is a tough pitcher ;) I LOVe that last picture too!

Linda said...

Cade is a sweetie! And a hoot! I can't wait to see the show!

Stacy said...

I miss this boy!! And I know Trey does even more.

It's Father/Son Turkey hunting weekend down at our hunting farm. Richard and the boys should be here.
Along with you and Wesleigh of course!!

Miss you all!

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