Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy Spring Break

The boys are home from school this week for Spring break, and I'm loving every minute...well, almost every minute! They have their moments, but I love being able to sleep a little later and stay up a little longer. I am so glad that they only have 3 weeks of school once they return!! Homework is almost over!!! YAY!!!

We started our week with a check-up at the dentist. This was Wesleigh's first visit. I was not worried at all because I knew the boys would take care of her. We go to this amazing children's dentist that is like a "kid haven" in the back. The parents don't go back with them unless it's really necessary. I like it that way. All of my kids seem to be much braver when mom is not around. When they were done, this is how Wesleigh walked out!


With a tiera, wand, balloon and stuffed toy! She looked like she had been to Disney world!! Everyone was so touched by her and the brothers. They couldn't get over how attentive the boys were to her and how they took care of her. Dr. Ripple (who I have always loved and had a secret crush on!) even got teary when I told him about our journey to her and that we were going back. He was able to smooth Wesleigh's front teeth and asked me what happened to them. I explained how weak she was when she came home and how she fell repeatedly in those early days. He was visably moved. He thanked us for making their day. Watch out, Dr. Ripple...I think Miss Gracie Joy might rock your world next time!!! lol...

We had a scary moment Monday, as well. My parents took the boys to see Soul Surfer and in the middle of the movie Cade had a seizure!! This has never happened to one of my kids and it is very upsetting. I took him to the dr. and he checked out fine. We just have to "wait and see" if it happens again...UGH....give me a broken bone or something!!! I just wish I knew what would have caused it. He is sensitive to gross scary things, but it didn't happen during the shark attack, it was about 20 minutes after that scene. Praying it was a one-time thing.

OK...enough of that...Is anyone else excited about the Royal wedding?

I have to say that I am. I remember being 10 yrs. old in 1981 and my mom waking me up in the middle of the night to watch Charles and Diana's wedding. I am recording it on the DVR, but might just have to wake up early to watch it!!! I guess I still love a princess fairy tale :)

I still have 2 kids to write updates on...working on it!!


Teresa said...

I'm thrilled Wesleighs first dental appointment went well ~ that is wonderful!! Big brothers are the best for little sisters:)

When I read about Cade the "nurse" came out in me...sometimes seizures can be caused by different lighting affects...just a thought:) We will keep you all in our prayers!

We can't wait to follow along as you bring Gracie Joy home to her forever family!!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

WOW~ you have had a crazy spring break. I bet that about scared your mom and dad to death!!! SO hope that he will never have another one!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

Jennifer said...

I know that must've been so scary! Hopefully it was a one time thing.
Wish we had a dentist like that! Maybe my kids would like to go if we did!
Enjoy the rest of your break..:)

Joy Graham said...

Gracie Joy! I LOVE THAT NAME! We are going back to China in 6-9 months to get another tiny, beautiful, daughter and are asking for ideas of what to name her. My name is Joy and I have been thinking of a name that will sound as cute as she is. I just found your blog through a friend and love it! You have a beautiful family-Joy

Shannon said...

Dentist visits have come a long way. My childhood dentist used to greet us at the door with the drill...ok, maybe that's exagerating it a bit, but that's what it felt like. Seems like I always had a cavity and had to get a shot and a filling (meaning the drill was involved). Tramatized to this day! Praying for Cade!

Martha said...

my goodness...a seizure is so scary! Praying it was just a one time thing. Glad she had a great dentist appointment. My 15 year old had many horrible dentist experiences as a small child and we just this past year found a great dentist who has walked her out of her fears. Glad Wesleigh had a fun time. Have a great spring break...wonderful that you only have 3 more weeks of school...I am counting down the days ....and we homeschool...everyone needs a break!LOL

Debbie said...

Yes!! Here in the UK we are all gearing up for the wedding of the and Gracie are going to 3 parties on Fri! I can't wait...we are in dire need of a "good ole knees-up" in Britain. Dx

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am totally excited for the royal wedding and nobody else in my family is. Kate is so beautiful and William is such a hottie! Speaking of hotties, our pediatric dentist is cute, too....must be a prerequisite! :)

Anonymous said...

I think she totally deserved that tiara at the dentist!

My 30th wedding anniversary is July 25th, and I remember watching that wedding like it was yesterday on my honeymoon!

Lynette in Laf.

Paige said...

So sorry about Cade, I know that scared you!! Praying that it is a one time thing!!! Madeline has gone to the dentist twice and has yet to open her mouth for the hygenist:) She is VERY timid in new situations but not about anything else! haha

snekcip said...

Oh goodness that must have been scary for you and your parents and even more traumatizing for your Cade. Praying that is was just a one-time episode. Wishing you a continued laid-back and uneventful springbreak!!

PS So glad Wesley did great on her dental visit!

Wendy said...

Wow we need a dentist office like that here! I am so dreading our first visit and I want Merrin to get a tiara too!!

So sorry about Cade will keep him in my prayers.


Football and Fried Rice said...

I am so worried about Cade!! Please keep us posted on him!!

On the royal wedding: getting up is half of them fun! 4:00 am, scones and tea (coffee) I am IN!!!! Can't wait - they are adorable!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

dreading the first dentist appt even though we have a great dentist too. Hayden is obsessed with her oral hygiene so I am hoping all will be well.

SCARY about the seizure, and god gracious let's hope it is a one time deal, and glad it didn't happen at school and was at least with the grandparents!!!

UM YES I will be up in my fance jammies watching EVERY royal minute just as I did when I was in jr high!!!! I CAN'T wait:)

enjoy the rest of break!!

Stacy said...

Cade had a seizure?! Holy crap!!
I hope that never happens again. I agree: give me a broken bone! So sorry you had go through that.

I am also secretly excited about this Royal wedding!
Great idea to DVR it. Especially since I'll be out of town.

Love ya!

Sharon said...

My nephew(14)had a seizure at Soul Surfer & my daughter(14)just went 2days ago and fainted. Both happened in scenes AFTER shark attack when the girl tries to adjust to having 1 arm. We thought it a bizarre coincidence, but now we are wondering about it happening to others. We think the movie company should know. Any ideas on how to tell them?

Sharon said...

I'm the one who commented about seizures at Soul Surfer. Wanted you to know we found your blog post about Cade when my sister searched "seizures" and "Soul Surfer" movie on Facebook. After my daughter fainted 2 days ago at the movie during almost the same scene, we started wondering if there's been other incidents. We don't mean to intrude on your blog!

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