Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wesleigh and the Ducks

I took Wesleigh to feed the ducks the other day. I just have one thing to say...geese are mean!! A gazillion years ago, I brought Richard's sister to this lake to feed the ducks and we were literally chased by some geese. I figured I would try it again (since it's been 16 years!!). Nope...still mean!! I actually have brought the boys through the years, every once in a while, but have never quite recovered from that first experience.

Anyway....Wesleigh got a big kick out of the ducks and didn't seem to mind the one hissing goose. I put her on this bench just to keep her out of reach ;) The one with the orange beak was hissing the whole time!

These disgusting nutria rats came up wanting food too! Yuck!! They live in the water and look like miniature beavers. We did not feed them! We see them all around here, but I've never had any of them come up to me.

Miss W got brave and decided to get on their level. (The goose had walked away) This little duck was a little too hungry and got her finger. She was fine, just a little shocked ;)


I submitted this picture to Matilda Jane for their model search. I don't think we were picked, but love the picture!

I'm sorry I have been so absent. Just a couple more weeks of football and then my life gets alot easier for a little while. I finished my China scrapbook and should be getting it in any day. I can't wait! I'll post a picture of it when it gets here. I have now been on a mission to get all my pictures loaded in the software so I can make some other books.


snekcip said...

I agree...GEESE ARE MEAN!! I took my Grandson and Bree to the lake in Dallas and there was several ducks and a "gaggle of geese" meandaring around and all of a sudden this goose started chasing my Grandson! The GOOSE was GAINING on the GRANDSON and GRANDMA was GAINING on the GOOSE!! Bree was GONE in another direction and to make it "sweet for" reading GUEST, the GOOSE was GONE w/a GOOD swift kick to it's feathered rear-end! Don't worry it was okay, but somewhere on a Dallas Lake a GOOSE w/an attitude as a good impression of a size 8 1/2 pasted on it's feather behind!!! Forget our State LOGO "DONT MESS W/TEXAS"! DONT MESS W/ THIS TEXAS GRANDMA GRANDSON" is more like it!!! HA!!!!!!!!

Oh, I have to say....Wesleigh's picture is just precious! LOVE HER MJ outfit!!! It's certainly a winner in MY BOOK!!

snekcip said...

PS...how could I forget about the NEUTRA RATS!!! I so thought do things were only found in the NY subways!!! You act like these are "squirrels" casualing strolling by the lake!! LOL!!! OMG I would have dove in that lake!!! W/Wesleigh hanging on! *picture a momma possum w/her babies* Yeah...it's that serious!!! NEUTRA RATS not one.....but TWO!!!! I get chills just thinking about it!

BTW.....ck your emails

Kat Shank said...

Oh yeah, geese are some nasty critters. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, and the place is overrun with Canada geese. It's ridiculous, really. Course, I also had a friend who's family owned two geese as 'pets'. The female wasn't too bad, but the male... Charlie... I really think her parents got that goose just so they could sit inside and watch the kids in the neighborhood run around the yard away from him! We ALL hated him. Should be telling, we all remembered his name and only the family remembers the females name (I still talk to one of the 'kids' and we were talking about Charlie, and it brought groans from everyone that ever encountered him!)

As far as the nutria... Yeah, I'll pass. My hubby lived in New Orleans for 8+ years and has plenty of stories. I'll be just fine if I never see one in person!

3 Peanuts said...

I have never heard of hose rats but they CREEP me out!!!! We don't see those here.

W looks cute as a button!

The 5 Bickies said...

Could she be any cuter...oh my goodness. She should have been picked! Sorry that i missed the Matilda Jane window with my daughter...adorable!

Stacy said...

Yep, you are one brave woman!
How does she get cuter every day? Wesleigh, I mean.

I forgot to call you!
I will do it soon.

Trent said Richard is coming up to Smith Center to hunt soon. I hope they can see each other. You all should come! : )

We definitely need a reunion. Can you believe we've been home almost 1 year?
Tell the boys hi-

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

She looks so cute in her MJ!!! Wow, she is brave with all those ducks, I think Ava would be freaked out.

I hate those Rodents of Unusual Size!!! We used to have them in Oregon too by the river. Yuck!!!

ps. No Super Mom here!! hehe

Football and Fried Rice said...

we feel the same way about "our" geese! MEAN!! I am glad that Wesleigh had a picnic table to stay safe on ;)

And those shoes?!?!?! Seriously!! WJ can make ANYTHING look cute - but those shoes speak for themselves ;)

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