Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the Band Plays...

Saturday, Bryce's marching band played in a festival. It was so much fun to see all the bands perform. They all were amazing. I was happy to see them perform in the daylight so I could get some decent pictures. They scored two "1"s and one "2" (one is the best).



So handsome. I never knew how much hard work goes into these performances until this year.




Of course Miss Thing was there to cheer them on. She calls for Bryce the entire time he's performing. So cute!!



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

how fun! And Miss Thang's shoes are so darn cute!


Football and Fried Rice said...

He looks so handsome out there! You must be proud!

Julie said...

Hello! I believe our girls are both from Nanjing. I've been following your blog for quite some time. I just happened on it one day. As we were getting closer to traveling to China I looked at many blogs and went back to those family's trips to get ideas of things we could expect as well as packing ideas and the such. I saw that your little cutie was from Nanjing and thought that was pretty neat. We've had our little darling home for @ one month and are in love. Just thought I'd share. You have a beautiful family!!
Take Care!

snekcip said...

Oh how these pictures bring back memories of "My band days"! I played the clarinet and I readily agree...."it takes lots of hardwork and dedication" to get these drills down for competition! Alot of ppl think it's just "half-time" entertainment, but "marching in a band" goes way beyond that! Bands practice usually starts during summer vacation and these drills are taught "on the daily"! The band directors are usually very adamant about learning these drills and while "football games" are fun and little more laid back...these band competitions ARE NOT!! The ability to "score a 1" is a great accomplishments, because the judges look at so many things (from straight precision lines, complexity of the drills on down to dirty band shoes)! I'm so proud of Bryce and his marching band mates! Congratulations and Great Job!!! I see Ms Wesleigh thinks he pretty awesome too!

Linda said...

The band was awesome. I am so proud of Bryce for all his hard work. He is so handsome in his uniform.

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