Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Have a High Schooler!!

I absolutely cannot believe that I now have a high schooler. There is NO WAY I'm that old! Bryce is officially done with jr. high and on to bigger and better things. He has really matured in these 3 years of jr. high. He is a friend to all and very responsible. He needs to work on his study habits and grades, but I think he'll rise to the occasion. We went to the high school today to meet the band director and get a French horn for him to use this summer. There was a class in there and it was very exciting to see where he would be next year. He was even able to get the music he'll be playing next year to practice. (A big advantage over the other 9th graders). I hope he is disciplined enough to use that to his advantage.
Bryce finished jr. high strong winning a number of awards. He received an award for attending Youth Legislature, for being a band officer, and for having the most Accelerated Reader points in the 8th grade. He had about 450 points!!!! If you're familiar with AR, you know that is ALOT!! He reads all the time and was so excited to win this award.
I am so proud of the young man he is becoming!

It is amazing how much these boys change in 1 school year! I made Bryce come out and take a picture in the same spot we took his 1st day of school picture. He was not happy about it, but looking at the two side by side is amazing!!
Bryce 8/7/09

Bryce 5/18/10
(Pay no attention to the awful hair! We get it cut tomorrow!!)


Shannon Sauceman said...

Wow! That doesn't even look like the same kid in those 2 pictures! He has grown alot this school year. Such a cutie! All your kids are so adorable. Hope yall have a great summer!

snekcip said...

The fun really begins!! I was in the band (I played the clarinet) and I can remember my first year of HS!! It was exciting to perform at half-time in front of all those people! I can remember getting the jitters wondering how they managed to march in all those angles and not run into one another! However, after summer practice I could almost walk on a tightrope suspended in the air and reading a newspaper!! Our band director was that good!! LOL! Wishing you a wonderful summer and lots of great memories participating in the band!!!

One note, make sure to drink lots of fluids and "don't lock your knees when in "a parade rest" you will faint for sure!!!

Besides that...the band trips, competition, and football games are WONDERFUL and soooo fun!! You will be awesome Bryce!!!

Trish said...

My son graduates on June 9th from 8th grade. The past 3 years have flown by and I can't believe that I will have achild in High School...maybe you & I should form a support group :O)

We could call it Mom's to HOT for High School!

DiJo said...

Good grief! You are TOO young to have a high schooler!!! You are six years a head of me girl, and I am way older than you!!!!! What a great week you are having... Congratulations Bryce!! Have a wonderful summer!

Perhaps he and Ainsley could hold each other accountable... French Horn and Math...

Enjoy! I can't believe you are done already over there... A few more weeks to go in MN!


Linda said...

Bryce, I can't believe I have a grandson in high school!! You have really gotten so tall. I am so proud of you - what a reader you are. And you KNOW how much we have loved the band concerts! Amazing talent to play all those pieces on the french horn. I love you, MawMaw

Kim said...

YEA.. highschool here he comes..
and don't say old..
cause I have one out of highschool, one that is going to be a Senior and the last one here is going to be a Junior..
Isabella will be here all by herself.. UGh..
Love ya..
It is amazing how much they grow..
He is sooo tall.

Journey To Our China Doll said...

What handsome boys you have!:0) (And of course, a beautiful China Doll!!)

Our Family said...

I hear you....
My boy is starting high school in the Fall, and although we homeschool and he'll still be with me all day, I feel sad at how fast he's growing (and how old I'm getting.....).
I can't believe how different Bryce looks in just a year!!!

Deanna said...

Wow Bryce, I can't believe you are about to start high school!! How time goes by so fast!! What a great foundation you've built for success in high school and beyond. Jennifer you have some fabulous young men you are guiding through life!! Once again their accomplishments say a lot about the type of parents you and Richard are. How blessed are you!!!

Mission To Macie said...

Bryce will be a senior before you know it!!! Lock him in his room! That's what I'm about to do to Braxton, my oldest, that will be a senior in August!!! LOL My Momma's heart is not readyyyyyyy!! Help! :(

And just wait until Wesleigh turns 6 and is going into 1st grade......i'm just sayin'...LOL

Love ya,
Jill :)

Anonymous said...

And I can't believe I am old enough to have a grandson in High School. Congratulations Bryce on the reading award - that's a habit that will take you far in life. I'm looking foward to seeing you in the band next year also. I love you. Pawpaw

Kim said...

Oh wow- we will be there in a couple of years and I'm not so sure I'm ready! I love the beginning and end of school year pictures- it's so neat to see the change. We forget how much they can really grow in only one year! We just received TA and leave on Wednesday! I will be bringing my two sons this time- any last minute advice for entertainment for 2 boys?? Love, Kim

Football & Fried Rice said...

Wow! Bryce is such an outstanding young man - what wonderful achievements! Not to mention he is a tall, handsome high schooler! Are you ready?! hang on!!

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