Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Braden

Braden is my sweetheart. From the time he was born, he has been a little cuddle bug. His sweet quiet spirit separates him from the other boys. He has talents and strengths that make me so proud. He is definitely not perfect but he's pretty darn close ;)


Today was Braden's 5th grade awards day. I knew this day would be emotional because he has spent the past 7 years at this school. We are very close to his teachers and friends and it's hard to think that he won't be back. Braden will be in jr. high next year and he's also switching to a private school, so he won't be with this same group of kids next year. It was sad to say goodbye.
He won the best award! It is the character award for his class. I am so proud of him! When I hugged his teacher, she told me that if she had a boy, she would want him to be just like Braden. That is quite a compliment from a teacher who has just spent a year with your child!


Braden and his teachers.


This teacher taught him kindergarten and 5th grade.


Braden and his sweet friend, Dawson.


Of course, Miss W was a huge attraction. She wanted to make sure she was in this picture of Braden.


Braden won 3rd place in the math speed game competition for the 5th grade. This is his collection of trophys from the past 5 years. He has won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place every year! I'm so proud of him!!



Football & Fried Rice said...

It is so sweet to see a boy of 10 (11) earn a character award. This is the age when they start pulling apart or globbing together. It is hard as a Mom to know what to really hope for - athleticism, popularity, self control. Above all else = good CHARACTER!!! Godliness. Compassion. SO many things that we hope for in our young men! Leadership abilities, gentleness, kindness..

Oh, I could go on! This is *quite* the year for Braden - he is going to do fantastic next year...

Linda said...

YEAH Braden! I am so proud of you! Yes, you are my cuddle bug, too.(I wonder how long I can get away with that!) You are a math whiz and I love how kind and compassionate you are. I love you, MawMaw

DiJo said...

Way to go Braden!!!! And to Jen and Richard, kudos to you too for raising such a special boy!!! What an amazing and well rounded boy you have!!!

Tell him I have the perfect girl for him someday.. She doesn't love math, but perhaps she would if he was around! She's not a Southern girl, but she was born in Nashville! And, we think she is pretty cute!.. Most days! :)

Happy End of the School Year!

Denise said...

Congrats Braden! And I am sure Mom and Dad have something to do with how this young man is turning out!

Mission To Macie said...


snekcip said...

Alright Braden!!! I agree...Mom and Dad had a great influence in raising such a wonderful young man!!!

snekcip said...

BTW...I have a grandson due next month and the name they chose is BRAYDEN!!!

Kim said...

YEA... Braden..
Great job..
Love the photos..
He will do well in his new school..

Christy said...

You guys are switching to private school? We did that this past year after Ethan graduated from 5th grade. Good choice for all of us.

Braden is a sweety!!!


Lindy said...

Congratulations, Braden!! What an honor to receive the character award! Now, just a little career advice from one math whiz to another... actuaries get top pay and are in high demand; I'm a CPA and accounting/finance is a great field, too. I love working with numbers all day. You will have a bright future. Love how WJ is hugging your leg.

Deanna said...

WOW!! How proud you guys must be. His accomplishments not only tell a story of a bright, determined, and talented young man, but of what great parenting you and Richard are doing. How fabulous that he is recognized for his character traits as well as his academic accomplishments. Way to go Braden, and mom and dad as well!!
Give Darren the scoop on the school situation if you see him tonight :)

3 Peanuts said...

That is awesome!! Way to go Braden!!!! You have done such a great job raising these boys!!! And ummm Diana...Ainsley is already going to be n our family ....need I remind you?! Are ya messing with Harry's heart? LOL!

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