Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're Still Here

I know I haven't been around the bloggy world lately. I've been either too busy or too lazy lately. This is the last full week of school here so we're in the middle of end of the year festivities. Bryce's baseball season has started, so we've added that to the schedule too. I'll try to do a good update in the next couple of days.
This picture cracks me up for a couple of reasons. First is that hair! Oh, Lord help us! It is going to be SO bad as it grows out. Thank goodness it's growing fast. Second is that she's "drinking" the tea straight from the pot. I'm wondering which boy taught her that ;)


Kim said...

I have been bad at blogging also. but sooo busy..
Love that photo.. Wesleigh is tooo cute..
Have a great weekend...
Love ya ..

Stephanie said...

haha don't feel bad! I'm behind too.

hope things slow down for you soon and you have a fabulous summer!

snekcip said...

Glad to see an update, but FULLY understand the time restraints! Summer only adds to it, with a house full of kids! Enjoy those kids, because the time passes much too fast!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Adorable!!! Don't feel bad about blogging... live life and enjoy!!!

DiJo said...

Good grief I wish we were neighbors.. They could run around in their PJ's drinking tea out of their pots together!!!! We would have so much fun!!

Miss you!

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