Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Hangin' Out

I've had a couple of questions lately that I thought I would answer:
*The swimsuit Wesleigh is wearing in The Bailey B0ys. I bought it on clearance a couple of years ago. I lucked out because it fits her perfectly! Kim, I think Kelly's Kds has one very similar. I would love for them to match!!
*My sister in law does monogramming here, so she does all my stuff. I have a collection of tank tops for W that came out adorable. I'll have to post a picture. In the south, there are monogramming shops all over. We love to monogram everyting!!
*The crawfish dress is Castles & Cr0wns. It's a trunk show, but you can find them online. They have some precious things.
That is all the questions I can remember right now. If I forgot one, let me know!
Here are some random pics from the past couple of weeks:
My girl has good taste! She went in my closet and picked these all by herself. They look pretty good, if you ask me ;) Having a girl has taught me one addiction to shoes and purses is completely inbread. There's nothing Richard can do to fight it, so he just as well give in! I can't help it...I was born that way ;)

Of course, a girl has to know how to hike a ball too!!

This one is so funny. You can't really tell, but Cade is filthy dirty in his baseball clothes after practice. Wesleigh brought a big bag of bows out of her room and laid them all out on the table. She then started to put different bows up to Cade's head. She would decide which one she liked better (like I do to her). You can see Cade wasn't paying one bit of attention to her, he was watching tv. How funny is that?!?!

Not a story here, I just thought I needed to show you this adorable MJ outfit!

The coffee table has become one of Wesleigh's favorite places. She was laying here watching tv.

One of the boys helped her with this. She was in hog heaven.

Hope you're having a great summer! We have enjoyed just hanging out and swimming. We'd better enjoy it now before it gets too hot!!


Emy said...

Love the pictures! I can't get over how tan Wesleigh is, I'm so jealous!!! :o)

E said...

Looks like your summer is already off to a great start. Enjoy the time with your 4!

Anonymous said...

Miss Wesleigh looks RIGHT AT HOME...SHOES AND ALL!
Lynette in Laf

Kim said...

All kinds of CUTENESS...
Love it..
Have a great weekend...

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love all the pics. Looks like Miss W is doing awesome!! How is the sleeping?? Any better? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy the random pics. It lets us see yall are just one BIG happy family. Here's a sloppy kiss for my Cade. Lauren McG

fleur de lis cottage said...

Love all the pics! Looks like you guys are ready for summer!

Hope you have a great Memorial Day!


Wesleigh seems to have really adjusted well. Her hair is getting so long.

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