Friday, September 28, 2007

My Messy Little Artist

My kids went to a camp this summer called Camp Invention. I posted about it then, but they invent things using their imagination, broken appliances and alot of tape. Well, ever since then, Cade has had a fascination with tape. He goes through it by the roll. Masking, Scotch, Duck tape - doesn't matter which kind. The other day, I bought him a roll of masking tape at the store. When I gave it to him, you would have thought he had won the lottery! Talk about easy to please. I know what Santa's going to be putting in his stocking this year!

With all the creativity comes an awful mess. I can't tell you the times I have walked in a room and it is covered with little scraps of paper everywhere. I don't let it bother me much because he is having such a good time. He does have to pick it up later, though. Here are a few of his creations, and one of the aftermath:

For those of you wondering, this is the same child who has had his Christmas list going for at least a month or two. I hadn't seen that list in a while, and was kind of hoping he had lost interest in it, but no worrys, I caught a glimpse of him getting it out from under his bed to add something to it just yesterday. Just great! You should see how much he's written on it. I'm sure we'll be having the "Santa doesn't have enough to give all the kids EVERYTHING they want" talk.

I have a great picture of a portrait of me Cade did out of left over pizza the other night at a restaurant. The problem is that it is on my phone, and I don't know how to get it off! When I figure it out, I'll share it. It is hysterical!


Mission to Macie said...

LOL look at that room.......I love it because I am so glad that doesn't just happen at MY house. I have almost had to ban scissors in my house.........LOL

Jill :)

Kimber said...

He is quite the budding artist/inventor!


Lori said...

I love his artwork, he has a great imagination!
That is so funny about his Christmas list!! lol He's got quite a ways to go until Christmas....maybe you should put a deadline on that thing....although you will have a big new house to put all his new things in.... :D
Your boys are adorable.

Denise said...

I am finally able to view your new blog, header and all! I disabled some of our parental blocks and it all came up. I don't know what I shut off...hopefully no one can get into anything!

You have a beautiful family~

mommy24treasures said...

oh wow, love the art work. Love it when they enjoy creating things.

Nancy said...

My oldest made my middle son a batman costume out of tape and paper. If I can find it, I will post it for you.

Christy said...

That cracks me up!! He is so my son it makes me laugh. What is boys and their facination with tape? I swear my son could spend 2 hours with a roll of tape and be completely happy! Totally funny!! Love Cade's wall art and his room looks a lot like 2 boys I like to call my own. Great little artist!!

Christy :)

redmaryjanes said...

He's very creative. I really like it!

sheryl said...

Oh I think he has talent! Seriously! I love it!

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