Thursday, May 31, 2007


I just got the email confirming that our dossier will be going to China tomorrow June 1, 2007! It took us almost exactly 4 months for the dossier process, start to finish. That's pretty good, from what I hear. I will be so glad when it is safe in China and that phase is completely done. I am also going to get a list that AWAA will send out with the other couples' names and email addresses that are DTC on the same date. We will be able to get to know them pretty well during the wait, and will then probably travel with them. Very exciting!

The picture is of Braden and Cade yesterday. A true sign that summer has arrived - watermelon. They begged me ALL day to cut that darn thing. That's usually a Daddy job because I can't stand the sticky everywhere. At about 2:00 pm, I finally gave in and let them eat all the watermelon they could stand. They were in hog heaven.

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Beckyb said...

YEAH!!! That's a big step conquered -you should feel great!!!

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