Saturday, May 12, 2007

David and Goliath

Today was another three game Saturday. The first was at 8:00 (yes a.m.!). When we got there, only a few of the players had shown up. This is Bryce's team. It is a 5th and 6th grade team. It is a very laid back league, so Richard decided to pull from our own backup team - the Doughty team. We actually had an extra with us today as well. His name is John Ashley. He is a year older than Cade, but a good bit smaller. You'll notice in the picture, John Ashley standing on 1st base next to the 1st baseman. Talk about a size difference. He has the strike zone of a few inches, so he got to walk on base - not that he couldn't hit it. He's an awesome little ball player. So I got to watch all three Doughty boys play in the same game. And we won!! Don't worry, no stones were thrown. We then enjoyed Cade and John Ashley's official game, took Braden to the after hours clinic to find that he has an awful ear infection, and then took him to his own game which they lost in overtime. He's a trooper, there's no way he was missing that game! Just a regular day at the Doughty's. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready for bed.

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