Monday, May 7, 2007

Photo Pages Galore

Last week, I found out that the last document I need for our dossier to China would be coming this week. Being the procrastinator that I am, that meant that it was time to work on those photo pages! China requires you to send photo pages showing what life is like at your home. I have known that they needed to get done, but hadn't quite figured out how I would do them. Well, today was the day. As you see, I am well on my way to completing the photo pages. (It has taken me almost all day!) As you can also see, I had a different type of photo page to complete as well. Yesterday, Braden played catcher in his baseball game with a hurt foot. He did an awesome job, especially considering that he limped through the whole game. When we got home, his foot was very swollen and he couldn't walk on it at all. I was going to feel really bad if I had let him play with a broken foot! Thankfully, it wasn't, and he is pretty much back to his regular self. I have no doubt he'll be catching in our next game Thursday. As we were walking in to get the x-ray, we were talking about it and Braden said, "So if it's broken, I'll just play third base instead of catcher, right?" Of course, I gave him the patent mom answer when we are avoiding a subject, "Well, we'll have to see".

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Denise said...

Thanks for spurring me on to get my pages done! You are getting so close!!


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