Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Have Concrete!!

It is finally here! The slab has been poured. They started at 4:00am and are about to finish at 11:00am. So, about 7 hours and almost 30 cement trucks later, the foundation is done! You can see that the skies are not sunny and blue here. We are praying that the rain will hold off for a couple more hours, but either way, we're ok. The Lord has really blessed us with great building weather the last couple of weeks. Now on to the next stage.


deanna_boe said...

I've been wondering what stage they were at. Looks like things are moving along. I took the color test, I'm blue. Keep us posted on the house.

Linda Boe' said...

Wow! At last-now we will see progress. Congratulations!

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