Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just For Fun

I got this from another blogger. It looked like fun, so I answered the questions for myself. Copy it and answer them for yourself if you want.
Aprons (yes or no)? no
Baking(favorite thing to bake)?Brownies
Clothesline(yes or no)?NO
Donuts?Would love to be able to say no, but can't resist
Everyday (one homemaking thing you do everyday?)wash clothes, but I might miss a day here and there
Freezer(Do you have a separate deep freezer?) Two of them!
Garbage Disposal (Yes or no)?Yes
Handbook ( What is your favorite homemaking resource?) HGTV
Ironing (love it or hate it?)Hate it
Junk drawer (y/n) where?Three! in kitchen
Love (What is your favorite part of homemaking?)being with my kids
Mop (y/n)No, Swiffer
Nylons (y/n)Are you kidding? Do they still make those?
Oven ( Do you use the window or open the door to check?)Open the door
Pizza (what do you put on yours?)pepperoni, onions, jalapenos
Quiet ( what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?)surf the web
Recipe card box(y/n)?No, but I have a book
Style of House:we are building a two story acadian style house now.
Table cloth and napkins?paper towels
Under the sink (organized or toxic wasteland?)unorganized but not toxic
Vacuum ( How many times per week?)Maybe once
Wash ( How many loads of laundry do you do a week?)6-8
X's (Do you keep a daily list of to do things and cross them off?)No, only when doing unusual things like building a house, or putting a dossier together.
Yard (Who does what?)The yard man does the lawn, We both do the flowers (if by "do" you mean "neglect")

We play a game at my house called the initial game. We mostly do it when we are in a restaurant. It keeps them all busy, quiet and occupied. One person thinks of someone (usually a major league baseball player in my family) and says their initials. The others try to guess who the person is. Cade just came in and said "It's an animal, try to guess: R,T." I couldn't guess so he told me the answer "rang tang". He obviously means "orangutan", but for a kindergartner just learning to read, I think it's pretty cute.

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deanna_boe said...

Despite the fact that you make it seem so easy to be so busy and always doing something with your boys, your answers are like every other mom out there, maybe there's hope for me yet. I'll make cookies at the beach and some salsa and some spinach and artichoke dip. Huh, I'm worried about my dumpy body and yet all I can think about is the food there!!!!

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