Monday, August 4, 2014

Bryce's High School Graduation May 23, 2014

It is so hard to believe that my oldest is a high school graduate!  In fact, he will be moving out to attend LSU Tiger band camp in a couple of weeks!!!  We are so proud of him.

Here are lots of pics from his special day:
Bryce graduation-1842 edit

Bryce graduation-1849 edit

Bryce graduation-1857 edit

Bryce graduation-1861 edit

Bryce graduation-1864 edit

Bryce graduation-1892 - Copy

Bryce graduation-1897 edit

Bryce graduation-1934

Bryce graduation-1938

Bryce graduation-1952 edit

We are so proud of him, and he couldn't be happier!  Wesleigh had a meltdown afterwards though.  We couldn't figure out why until we got in the car and she was still sobbing.  She thought since Bryce graduated, he was leaving for college right then and we wouldn't see him again :(  So sweet!
Bryce graduation-1959

Bryce graduation-1965

Bryce graduation-1966

Bryce graduation-1976

Bryce graduation-1977

Bryce graduation-1996

Bryce moves into his dorm on the 17th and starts band camp that afternoon.  If he does well at band camp, he will be a member of the LSU Tiger Band!!  He has a campus job that he has been working this summer and is ready to start the next chapter of his life.  LOVE this boy!!

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snekcip said...

Enjoyed the pics and especially the one with Wesleigh hiding under Bryce robe!! Too cute!!! Continued Blessings to Bryce as he transitions to the next phase in his life.

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