Monday, August 25, 2014

First Soccer Game

I can't even tell you how funny it was to watch these two on the soccer field!  They have never even seen a soccer game!  Believe it or not, Wesleigh was actually much more aggressive than Gracie with the ball.  Gracie would run after it, but didn't really want to kick it.  She also never quite got the concept that it's not good when the other team scores :) lol...

These next 3 pics are a series I caught.  I don't even remember what happened right before this exchange, but Wesleigh decided she needed to give Gracie some pointers.  lol...  Gracie looks sad in the second pic, but she wasn't.  She's used to Wesleigh telling her what to do :)

They are such a pair.  They belong together and always have.  God knew they needed each other all along.

Yes...their game was going on. was not happening over there!!
This is my absolute favorite image of the day!  The girls have watched their brothers drink Gatorade's for years.  They were thrilled to have their own!  It was noon, and SO hot!!  As we established in the last post, this one isn't thrilled with the sweating.  She's trying to cool herself off here.  SO cute!!

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Leggio said...

Jennifer, They are the most adorable little soccer players and those big green bows. LOVE.

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