Friday, November 29, 2013

Where's the Snow?

We took off this morning to the mountains to try to find some snow for the girls to play in.  It has actually been colder in Louisiana this week than it has been here in Denver this week!  I am not complaining!  After an hour drive into the mountains, it became apparent that we would not be finding any snow without a much longer drive.  We ended up turning up around and heading back home.  Wouldn't you know...when we drove into the neighborhood, we found a patch of snow that was perfect for the girls to play in.  They had a blast and we didn't freeze at the same time!  Perfect!!

Snow 2013-4180edit

Snow 2013-4165edit

Snow 2013-4159edit

Snow 2013-4172edit

Snow 2013-4177edit

Snow 2013-4227

Snow 2013-4219

I cannot even tell you how much snow Gracie ate today.  She made snowball after snowball and ate the whole thing!
Snow 2013-4261edit

Snow 2013-4231edit

I love all of these pics.  Madelyn started throwing the snow in the air and when I discovered what the sun was doing to it in my camera, I was very excited!
Snow 2013-4207edit

Snow 2013-4209edit

Snow 2013-4196edit

Snow 2013-4195edit

Snow 2013-4202edit

I am in love with these two shots.  Madelyn was just goofing off, but I think these are gorgeous.
Snow 2013-4188edit

Snow 2013-4189edit


3 Peanuts said...

Looks like you and a great week and a fun Thanksgiving with family week. Love the sparkling snow in the air. They are gorgeous pics. I have hardly been taking my good camera anywhere. I am so lazy. I need to do better.

it HAS been cold here this week. It was a good week for you to travel.

Paige said...

so fun, and so typical to drive looking for snow and it is right there haha!!Madelyn is gorgeous!

Courtney said...

Beautiful photos. I did this one year, I was standing on grass while my nephew was playing in the snow!

Lauren McGowan said...

Amazing shots, Jenn! The last two are breathtaking! So glad the trip was full of joy, love and happy memories!

Martha Berry said...

Lovely photos...sweet fun memories. Glad you didn't was extremely cold down here in the south.

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