Monday, November 4, 2013

Gracie Girl

My Gracie Girl.  Holy Moly, does this chick keep me hopping!  One thing is for sure, she lives life to the fullest....ALL.THE.TIME!  Gracie is an easy subject to shoot.  Her inner joy shines through and she was made to model for a camera :)

I have a few stories about Gracie I want to share:
* While at a conference with her teacher, I was told that Gracie often asks the person next to her to do her work for her.  Her teacher will look over and see Gracie kicked back watching her neighbor cutting out her sheet for her.  She used to do this to Wesleigh last year (it's one reason I decided to separate them this year!)  I guess Gracie doesn't care if it's her sister or not :)  It's not that she can't do it...she'd just rather not!

*  I am happy to report that Gracie has only had a few days where she has been in trouble!  I was very concerned about this, but she is doing a good job!  She has a great teacher who truly loves her and appreciates her "spirit" :)  (That is always a good thing!!)

*During the high school football games, our seats are right by the fence that divides the fans from the band.  There is a color guard that stands right on the other side.  They do hand motions that go with the songs the band plays.  Gracie spends the whole game mimicking everything they do.  She is getting pretty good at it :)

*A few weeks ago, you might remember, I was trying to get Gracie to write a "G" correctly.  I literally thought I might pull my hair out!  Eventually, though, she got it and has made big progress on copying letters and words!  We are now working on our teen numbers!  UGH!!  I was working with her the other night and was getting a little frustrated with her so Richard took over.  In the beginning, he was the fun high 5s, big praises, etc...  Before long though, I hear, "No Gracie!  What number comes after 10!!"  There might have been a few tears in the whole process, but she got it done eventually.  The next night, she had the same sheet to do again!  UGH!!  I wasn't even home so Richard sat down with her.  Richard asked Gracie what number comes after 10.  Her answer: "thurdee".  Richard explains to her in as many ways as he could that 11 comes after 10.  (She can count to 60, but that is just memorized).  Every time he asked the question, the answer was the same: "thurdee".  She still hasn't mastered those teen numbers, but she will.  We have gotten a big laugh about it all and now have a new family joke.  The answer to any question is "thurdee" :)  Richard must ask Gracie 10 times a day what number comes after 10.  The answers vary, but are getting better.  If anyone else asks her, though, she gets mad and says "You can't ask me that...only daddy!"  lol...

How boring would our life be without this firecracker!!!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Gracie just might be destined to be a leader or in a management role. She delegates the tasks. Most women aren't good at that. Love it!


Sherri said...

My Maggie struggled with 13 - wasn't sure we'd every get past that number! There is a cool video by Harry Kindergarten - check out You Tube for "Numbers in the Teens". It is a catchy little tune - Gracie would probably love it!

likeschocolate said...

It took my third son a while to get his numbers straight. She is darling!

Jennifer said...

That Gracie girl is hilarious!! I can just see her kicked back letting her friends do her work...queen bee! Love her!!
Sounds like she might just be messing with Richard..LOL!!! MIss y'all so much. Newberry and I are booking flights soon!!

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