Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time to Tame the Blonde

Right before I went to China in April, I decided to do the "bleach blonde" look.  I have loved it!  I especially loved it in China :)

However, lately, I think the bleach is seeping into my brain!  I have always had my "blonde" moments, but lately, it's been BAD!  Surely, I'm not that has to be the hair color!!!  right????  I'll still be blonde, just not quite as blonde.

I had written down a few examples of my overwhelming dinginess....but I lost the list!!  Lordy!!

I'll let you know if the darker hair works!  Crossing my fingers :)


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Ok, where are the pictures! No, you are not blond or going crazy. You just have 4 children plus a husband with very busy schedules to manage and that would make anyone forget stuff. I hope that is the case, because I am in your same shoes!

Paige said...

Oh that blonde was so fun in China!!! Talking about dingy moments I'm sure I'm right up there with you!!!

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