Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Senior Pep Rally

What a crazy weekend we had...all centered on Bryce :) Senior pep rally was Friday morning. It was bitter-sweet to see all these kiddos, who I have known since kindergarten, ready to graduate.

Bryce was so excited to finally get one of these senior crowns :)Nov 2013-3138edit

Love this boy. He's section leader for the French horns. Nov 2013-3142edit Nov 2013-3160edit

His buddies. This is the weekend crew. They are lots of fun. Nov 2013-3190edit

His sweet friend, Alexandra Nov 2013-3199edit

 My boy :) photo (74)


Shay Ankerich said...

Happy senior weekend! We were celebrating too. ;)

Linda said...

I can't even believe that MY daughter is now experiencing these "empty nest" emotions! I never anticipated that I would go through this again as a grandmother! How did this happen? How has he changed from the little boy who rolled his little cars saying "n'n'n'n'? From the little cutie who had to have a prop in his hand when he watched a show - an airplane for an airplane movie, a bulldozer for one show, a car or truck for another. From the boy who constantly asked me to 'pay' roads on his little road mat? My very first grandchild!!
I'd love to sit again on the floor with him again (might have trouble getting up now!) and rack my brain to find even more ways to 'pay roads'! But I'll settle for watching wiith joy and pride and prayer and enjoying in the man he is becoming! Love you Bryce! You made me a grandmother!

Leggio said...

Oh Jennifer,

Such fun times, but bittersweet for a mama's heart. Bryce is such a handsome young man. Mia sends her love!!!!! :)

snekcip said...

Love the comment from Linda !! I can definitely relate both as Mother and as a Grandmother!! Bryce is so very handsome! Senior year is such an exciting and unforgettable time in a young person's life. Enjoy it to the utmost Bryce!!

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