Thursday, March 21, 2013

Western Day

We had Western Day last week.  I have to admit, this is my favorite preschool day!  I can't believe this is my last year of preschool!!!

Here are some pics of my cowgirls :)

Don't you love these pants??  I found them on Zulily months ago and knew they'd be perfect for this day!
March 2013-3789

March 2013-3784

Wesleigh just happened to be the leader, so I was able to get some pics of her doing her "duties".
March 2013-3798

March 2013-3800

Gracie was belting out the pledge.  Just hearing those little Chinese girls saying the pledge of allegiance makes me smile :)
March 2013-3805

March 2013-3816

March 2013-3827

March 2013-3828

Learning how to do laundry "back in the day".
March 2013-3833

Western dancing.  The cutest thing ever!!
March 2013-3853

They were short a boy, so Gracie got to dance with Ms. Dupuy.
March 2013-3849

March 2013-3857

That cast has not slowed Gracie down for a second!
March 2013-3861

March 2013-3868


Mary Sammons said...

What a fun day!!! Love the picture with you and Richard! And I love those sweet silly girls!!

Paige said...

Oh my goodness, too cute!!!!! I sooooo can't wait to hug those precious little girls!!!!!!

Leggio said...

Jennifer They are the cutest girls!!!!!! Your are such a good mamma and they always look just precious. Hope yall are doing well. We should be getting our slab poured soon. I am so ready to be in our house. lol

likeschocolate said...

Your girls go to a fun preschool. I love preschool year and kindergarten.

snekcip said...

Love the pic of you, Richard and the girls!! FRAMEWORTHY!!! The girls look adorable as always!

Shay Ankerich said...

Adorable!!! LOVE the photo of you four! XO

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