Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Of course, Easter started with alot of excitement to see what the Easter Bunny left. The got lots of princess trinkets so they were most pleased :) March 2013-4436

March 2013-4439

March 2013-4446

March 2013-4454psedit

March 2013-4460psedit

March 2013-4492cwf

We went to brunch at the club and waited on the Easter bunny.  The boys are passing the time ;)
March 2013-4500cwf

March 2013-4502cwf

Ok...I am going to admit it...I smoothed out some wrinkles in photoshop!  I try to not do that because I don't want to look like I'm 30 in pictures and 50 in real life...but these were I'm confessing (but still not showing you ALL my wrinkles!!  :)
March 2013-4511cwf

Gracie thinks she's shy every once in a while for about a split second :)...then she remembers that she never meets a stranger, even if they're covered in fur!
March 2013-4518cwf

I love this picture!  I love the way Gracie kicked her leg up.  I could never think of the poses she comes up with!
March 2013-4524cwf

March 2013-4530

Sitting at a table, wasting time while my camera is handy gives me a rare opportunity to snap some pics of the boys.
March 2013-4533cwf

March 2013-4548cwf

March 2013-4550cwf

We had a great Easter.  Of course, we do not forget why there is an Easter and are so thankful to our Lord and Savior for his sacrifice on our behalf!!

The kiddos go back to school tomorrow.  I will not even try to lie and say that I'm sad....I AM NOT!  We had a great spring break, but I'm ready to get back to the gym and get some things done!  The girls and I head to Florida Thursday for a wedding.  They are flower girls!!!!  I absolutely cannot wait!  They have the most amazing dresses and the beach setting is going to be fabulous.  Richard is staying home with the boys because Braden and Cade both have tournaments and Bryce has PROM!  When we get back, it will be time to seriously start thinking about CHINA!  I cannot believe it will be here before we know it!!!


Lori said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Loved seeing Wesleigh & Gracie in their sweet dresses again!!
Looking forward to those "Flower Girl" photos!!!


likeschocolate said...

Truely lovely photos! Happy Easter! Have a great trip to Florida!

patty rodgers said...

Hi Jennifer......I love reading your blog. Your girls are so sweet! We have a "Gracie" in our family as well. She came home to us in November from Chaozhou City. It must be something about the name. Our Gracie is also a wild child. She turned three last week. Never a dull moment at our house anymore! Loving it!!!
Patty Rodgers from VA

Leggio said...

Ummmm love the top photo of the girls so cute. Happy Easter

snekcip said...

Love all the pics!! Again, I had to snicker about the "shyness" bc during practice for our Easter program on Thursday, Bre claimed "I'm shy in front of people" and clammed up and was barely audible! I was like "Ok..who took my WILD CHILD? This is NOT the kid who has a hard time distinguishing btwn an INSIDE VOICE and OUTSIDE VOICE. Well guess what..."she" showed up on Easter Sunday during the actual program. When it was her turn to recite her Easter part, she took that "mike" like she was a pro and she just about blew everyone's EASTER BONNET/HATS off! Happy Easter probably resounded for about 2blocks from the church as well! *sighhhhh*

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Great pics, looked like a wonderful day and your not 50 girl! :)

Patty said...

Are you going back to China for another child?? Did I miss something? LOVE your blog.

Shay Ankerich said...

What a beautiful day with your family!!! LOVE every single one!!! XO

Lindy D. said...

Love the photo is with Bryce and Gracie! So sweet!

Fannie said...

Okay, I HAVE to ask... Where, oh where, did you get those dresses??? I need to order one NOW! haha

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