Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day

What a great day we had yesterday!  Richard and the boys were out of town for baseball, so the girls and I hung with my precious friend, Laura, and her family.  They live on the parade route.  The weather was perfect, we ate way too much and we all had a blast!

photo (21)


Laura and Burke are waiting for their approval to travel to India to pick up their little girl, Sara!  Sara just happens to be the exact same age as my girls!!  :)  They have been waiting since before we traveled for Wesleigh!  I cannot wait to see them get off the plane with their sweet girl!!

In the meantime, they loved on my girls and helped them get some major loot at the parade :)







photo (23)


Mary Margaret with the girls.  They LOVE each other!  Wesleigh kept calling her "Mary Momison".  I have no idea why...but it sure was funny!

Hope you all had a very fun and very green day :)


Emy said...

The sun, sandals, and Wesleigh's capris are making me jealous!!! :)

Fannie said...

The girls really are just too cute for words!! :) And I too, am jealous of all that sunshine!!! Can't wait to move to Mobile this summer so I can have warm days in March!

Shay Ankerich said...

Adorable photos and what a fun day! LOVE that your friend is about to travel! Blessings and love!

Jennifer said...

My all time FAV parade is the BR St Patty's parade!! So FUN!!

Anonymous said...

Love following your blog from Liverpool - brightens my day in the office - your girls are so full of personality - love it !


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