Thursday, March 7, 2013


March 2013-3555cwf

 I have been thinking lately that this might be my problem.  Focus...or the lack thereof.  Actually, more than lack of focus, a division of focus.  There are so many things on a daily basis that I have to and want to focus on.  These focal points range from laudry to baseball and photography to Downton Abbey :)  I keep hoping I'll turn into a person who only needs about 4 hours of sleep a night.  Maybe then I could spend a little time focusing on everything.  I am afraid that by the time I've finished with the "have to's", there's only limited time for the "want to's".  I have to pick and choose.  I guess it's no surprise that my blog has been at the back of the list for a couple of weeks.  So what has been getting my "want to" focus??  Let's has.  I am taking a class presently and this month's assignment has me very excited.  I'm sure I'll be sharing it here soon!  Exercise has.  I started working out at a gym when the girls started school in Sept. and I am proud to say I am still spending many hours each week there.  The girls' spring/summer wardrobe has :)  I'm pretty sure you know I'm not joking!!  I'm not ashamed to admit that I have spent many hours lately looking at new spring lines of clothes and making choices :)

Here are some random pics from the past couple of weeks:

This might be one of my favorite shots of the girls.  It was completely spontaneous and I love that their hair is all over the place!  They had gotten back from gymnastics and were enjoying the warm weather we've been having :)
March 2013-3575cwf

Wesleigh's "tiny hiney".  I can't help but squeeze their hineys when they wear these little shorts!!
March 2013-3570cwf

Spending some downtime in their room.  Notice Gracie's quilt?  Yep...even princesses get hand-me-downs from big brothers :)
March 2013-3587

Did you notice all the princess dresses?  I do not know why they started doing this but Gracie is adamant that every dress has to be on a hanger and she hangs them all here on Wesleigh's bed every single day.  And I move them all back to their spots every single night.  Who knows??
March 2013-3589cwf

I love this of Wesleigh and Britney.  Just relaxing early in the morning :)
March 2013-3540cwf

I added this because I thought it was a neat project.  I initially had a bad attitude about it because it forced me to find snapshots which sometimes don't exist because of our house fire years ago.  This timeline was different though because Braden had to divide the events into positive and negative events, and some of them needed to be negative.  I was happy that Braden had a hard time coming up with more than one negative event.  As you can see, our adoptions rank right up there to his own birth and then all of his deer are next :)  Love that boy!!
March 2013-3537

So, now that cute spring clothes are ordered and the weather is warming up, that should lead to some more focus on photography, which hopefully will yield itself to some pics that I want to blog!!!


Paige said...

Oh my goodness, that pic of Wesleigh is the best yet, seriously!!! Looooove the one of the girls together too, the hair is so awesome, my favorite pics of Madeline are when her hair is messy!
I need to send you a pic of our princess dresses alllllll over the floor in the playroom closet:) I just shoved them out of the way today to get into the attic. Yeah so proud of myself for not cleaning them up haha!
Have a great weekend.
Love you!!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Nice to see an update!! And good for you for working out, wish I could motivate myself to do the same. :)

Love all the dresses hanging on the bed, Ava would be in heaven!! So sweet seeing your girls laying together with the iPad.

Great pictures too, love the color on that first one.

Your boys seem so sweet too. My oldest is away on a school trip till Monday and Ava is going crazy without him. She is counting down the days until he returns. Not sure what she will do when he goes off to school next year?! :(

Sara said...

Such great pictures of your sweet girls :)
I'd love to see some of your spring shopping picks! I've been looking a little bit each day too, but I haven't come up with too much yet - it would be so much fun to see your list ;)
Happy Spring!

Martha Berry said...

love the princess dress collection. my jolie would be in princess heaven at your house.

Leggio said...


Wesleigh looks like such a Big Girl in that top pic. She is growing fast. Always love all the pics you post. Hope all is well and we are FINALLY closing on our construction loan. Goodness building process takes Way longer than I thought. LOL Mia loves getting on your blog and looking at the girls. :)

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