Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A New Accessory

March 2013-3772cwf

 I have to admit, when Richard and I were in China getting Gracie, we discussed the fact that we were pretty sure Gracie was going to be our ER child. I am reluctant to even speak it, but seeing as she is the first child in our family to wear this beautiful purple seems fitting :) We spent the weekend at the ballpark...just like every other weekend. Gracie was running a few steps ahead of Wesleigh and I (nothing out of the ordinary) and she turned her ankle. It immediately swelled up really big and after a trip to the dr., she now sports this lovely purple fashion statement. She has taken it all in stride and it has not slowed her down one bit!

This is burry, but it shows her mood in the dr. office.
  photo (19)

Our sweet friend, Jeff, put the cast on her leg.  She was so hysterical bossing him around the entire time.  I think I might make Richard take her to get it off!!
photo (17)

Gracie's teacher sent me this from school funny!
photo (20)

 These were taken yesterday. Today is Western Day, but we started celebrating a day early with our attire!! (Wait 'till you see what they're wearing today :) March 2013-3743cwf

March 2013-3759cwf

SO silly!  These two are nuts!
March 2013-3769

I tacky.  I guess when you live with a house full of boys...this is what happens!
March 2013-3771

One sweet story:
When I told Gracie we were going to the doctor, she immediately got nervous and saying that she didn't want to go.  Wesleigh put both hands on Gracie's shoulders and said this, "Gwacie, it's going to be all wight. I'm going to be with you the whole time because that's what fwiends do".  Then she gave her a hug.  So stinkin' sweet!  What in the world would they ever do without each other???


Tina Michelle said...

They are too cute together! Love their dresses. Sorry she got hurt but she seems to be taking it so well! Love their smiles.

snekcip said...

Hope you didn't think that CAST was gonna slow her down did you?!! :).

Love the WESTERN WEAR and THE HIGH NOON "REAR END" shots!! The school picture "on the swing" was HILARIOUS!!! She soooo reminds me of Bre!! Nothing and I mean NOTHING stops those whirlwinds!!

quilt'n-mama said...

Gracie just makes me smile. I am so glad I got to meet your little firecracker in China:)

likeschocolate said...

Sorry for the cast! She is super cute with it on though. I hope it is her only one. We have had two broken arms and two set of stitches in our house.

Amy said...

Oh poor girl. My girl is sportin the same thing. Except our doctor gave us the choice of a cast or boot. I choose the boot.

Fannie said...

Wow! That girl is a mess isn't she??? LOL!! Love that first pic of her sporting the cast and the pic of her in the dr office! Hilarious!! Where in the world did you get those dresses & cowgirl boots!!?? I LOVE them!

Kat Shank said...

Can I say I'm not the least bit surprised? Well, I am surprised it took her this long. heh Good luck with her, and yeah, not going to slow her down one bit! She is a pistol, that's for sure!

And I LOVE the boots. All I wear anymore are my cowboy boots or sandals when the weather is actually nice. Even then I still often wear my boots. I don't have quite as cute boots as they do, though. So adorable!

Leggio said...

We have an Er Child in our family it is Corbin. LOL Hope Gracie heals quickly. Sending Love from Texas. :)Oh, and the girls look adorable as always!!!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh that story is too sweet!! I love how much they love each other.

And the purple cast seems to fit her personality perfectly!


Cindy said...

What a trooper, such a cutie pie even in a purple cast!

Jennifer Newberry said...

Thy are precious sisters! Love the hiny pics-that's what big brothers are for!

Paula said...

Oh dear!!! Must say though, that Gracie is one of the most stylin' cast wearing little girls I've seen! Nothing seems to slow her down!

Lori said...

Love her new accessory!!! I want to find that dress in size 6 or 8. Let me know if you come across one!!!
Think Colin is going to be our ER

Great pics...especially the hiney pose!!!


Mary Sammons said...

Catching up on the family Jen :)
They have melted me as usual!!

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