Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night

Nope...not the big one...I can't force myself to go there.

We did have a smaller election that we were watching last night that had a much better outcome :) My brother won re-election for his council seat. We were happy to celebrate with him at his party.

I know there are way too many pictures in this post, but Wesleigh seemed to be on a roll, and I couldn't make myself cut any of them out!

The fun seemed to start with these stickers that were on all the tables.  Wesleigh and Gracie are both nutso over stickers, so once they found them, we were set.  Wesleigh wore these ALL night.  It was the funniest thing ever!  Here she is with Joel (who we are very proud of!)
 Nov 2012-0625

Joel was giving a speech.  Do you see my little princess sticking her tongue out at me???  Nice.
Nov 2012-0624

Boy have we come a long way in a year!!  Just looking at this, it strikes me how much more settled Gracie is now.  I'm so proud of her.
Nov 2012-0628
Nov 2012-0649
Nov 2012-0635

I hate to post so many pictures of myself, but Wesleigh's faces are cracking me up :)
Nov 2012-0639 Nov 2012-0638 Nov 2012-0637

Not the best pic, but I don't have many of me and my sweet daddy.  I'm going to work on getting a better one!
Nov 2012-0646

The girls spent at least an hour going around the entire room making sure everyone had stickers.  They were a team.  Wesleigh held the stack of used papers and Gracie carried the stickers.  Wesleigh would find someone who needed a sticker and tell Gracie to give them one.  Gracie would then slap it on them.  No...I do not know who this man is...and neither do they!!!  They didn't care...they put stickers on every single person :)  Gracie has definitely helped Wesleigh come out of her shell.
Nov 2012-0651

Nov 2012-0653

Bryce brought his girlfriend, so I think he had a good time :)
Nov 2012-0610

Braden and Cade were a little less thrilled...
Nov 2012-0608

This chick adores her PawPaw.  How could she not??  He lets her do this to him!!  :)
Nov 2012-0654

So proud of my baby brother :)


Stacy said...

So glad your election turned out better than the other.
Ugh! What a disaster!!
Tell Joel Congrats!!

3 Peanuts said...

So adorable! That paw paw is something else. Your kiddos are so blessed to have him and your Mom.

Congrats to your brother!!

Jenny said...

What a PRECIOUS family you have!!

Lindy D. said...

Congratulations to Joel! So wonderful that he wants to make a difference in your community. Such a handsome guy! Any pictures of his four little ones?

That Wesleigh Jane is a hoot! She was on an election high.

Paige said...

the 2nd picture cracks me up #I because I think that is Braden covering his face, and #2 because we have been on a warpath in our house about Madeline constantly sticking her tongue out. The bigs laugh at her all the time and that is not helping haha!!
Love all the pics and congrats to your brother!!
Not much longer til the end of November:)

Kat Shank said...

At least someone had an enjoyable night! :D Congrats to your brother and yay on seeing how much those two have really settled in! Wow, has it really been that long already?!

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