Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Little Artists

The preschool that the girls attend has an art show every spring.  We attended Braden and Cade's many years ago, and were thrilled to go with the girls this year.  The teachers choose 3 pieces of artwork from each child throughout the year and they are hung throughout the school.  Also, each class took a children's illustrator to focus on and had artwork based on that illustrator.  I wish I had taken pics of other artwork because it was amazing, but it was pretty crowded and I was busy trying to keep up with my two.  Here are the proud artists showing off their artwork:

Our illustrator was Leo Leonni. April 2012-7313

April 2012-7314

April 2012-7315

April 2012-7316

April 2012-7317blog

April 2012-7319blog

I love all the different mediums that were used!
April 2012-7321blog

April 2012-7320blog

April 2012-7323blog

April 2012-7322blog

April 2012-7330blog

April 2012-7328blog

April 2012-7327blog

April 2012-7326blog April 2012-7324blog

April 2012-7325blog

April 2012-7331blog

April 2012-7332blog

I have a piece of art that Cade brought home yesterday that is amazing!!  I can't wait to frame it and will share that too.  I am so bad at getting things up on my wall, but I am determined to change that!!!


Shannon said...

Wow, they did so good! I can see their little personalities in their work. Too cute! And they are glowing with pride. So precious!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Such beautiful girls and art too!!! XO

Lindy D. said...

They did some really great art work... frameable even. I love how proud your sweet girls look! What a wonderful pre-school they attend. Think how accomplished they will be by the time they are in first grade!

DiJo said...

WOW!! What an awesome show!!!!! You have two little artists on your hands... You better get a room ready to frame all their work!!! So sweet! I love how proud they are!!!!!


deborah said...

Those are amazing artworks for preschoolers. I'm thinking you have some talent there...and, two very cute little 'twins'. :)

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