Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gracie's First Taste of the Beach

Well...our beach trip did not go as planned :( The weather did not cooperate with us and we ended up coming home a day early. We did, however get a little beach time in in-between the rain. Thankfully, I brought my camera out the first night we were there and got a few shots. This was Gracie Joy's first time at the beach and I am happy to report that she loves it as much as Wesleigh and I do!! She was a little leary, at first, of walking on the sand, touching the water and definitely wasn't friends with the sea weed. She grabbed for Wesleigh's hand when she felt uneasy and it was so cute to watch her take Wesleigh's lead. Their relationship is amazing.

Cade ended up coming with us at the last minute and I'm so glad he did!  He was such an amazing help with the girls and also with my friend's boys.  He never once complained about it being a bummer of a trip.
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I now have 2 beach-lovin girls :)  I see lots of beach trips in our future!!
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You can see Gracie wasn't so sure about walking on the sand :)  I wish we had gotten to spend more time on the beach.  Cade brought each girl out into the water and you should have heard the squeals coming from Gracie!  It was precious.  That girl could get excited about anything.
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Ok...funniest story from this trip....actually from any beach trip I've ever taken!  Gracie had a bikini on the second day and told me she needed to potty.  We had just gotten out there and the girls had pottied before we left the condo, so I wasn't to concerned.  A few minutes later Candice says, "Oh no!  Look at Gracie!!!"  I look up and see my child with her bikini bottoms completely off, squatting and peeing right there on the beach!!  For anyone who has been to was true China fashion and she didn't think twice about it.  I happened to have a towel in my lap and I jumped up and pretty much tackled her to the ground to make her stop.  She looked up at me like I had completely lost my mind!  I have to say, at this moment, I cannot think of a more embarrassing moment in my life.  I could not bring myself to look around and see how many people had witnessed it.  I wanted to stand up and shout "She's only been her for a few months!  This is socially acceptable in China!!".  Lord, help me!  Of course, it could have been SO much worse...she could have needed to poop!!!!!


snekcip said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!!! When Gracie gotta go....Gracie GO!!!

Shannon said...

So the lesson here is to always make Gracie wear a one piece...they are much harder to take off when ya gotta go. Maybe that will give you a running start. LOL Too funny! Would give a bunch of money to have seen that.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!!!! hahahahahhahahhahahahah

I see a lot of one pieces in her future:)

Sorry it was a bummer of a trip! Hopefully you can go back again soon.

Took Hayden a couple of trips before she thought sand was a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud! I needed that! Hope you guys have a great Easter!


Paige said...

Made me laugh out loud AGAIN!!! That Gracie is too cute. Yes, I agree, it is a good thing she was not going poop!!! haha

Lori said...

OMW...I'm dying laughing!!!
Sorry your beach trip wasn't nice and warm.

On a good note...your goodie box should be there Saturday!!

Happy Easter

Lori said...

OMW...I'm dying laughing!!!
Sorry your beach trip wasn't nice and warm.

On a good note...your goodie box should be there Saturday!!

Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Old habits die hard I guess. You get a badge on your Mom uniform for that one! Have a beautiful Easter!

Cathy and Naomi

Wife of the Prez said...

Our 6YO son has been home 22 months. Just this week while at a State Park, he told my DH, "I need to go PEE!" DH was talking to another man and said, "OK, I will take you." Well I guess he had to REALLY go b/c the next thing we know DS has gone to the nearest tree and is standing there going boy-style ... people everywhere ... as this is one of the US's most visited state parks b/c of the large waterfall there.

Thankfully, everyone I saw as I tried to crawl into the ground was laughing. Needless to say DH ran over and tried to surround him and stop him, but DS has a physical limitation that made stopping the flow impossible. To this day, he just doesn't understand why it is such a big deal to go outside. Now mind you, our boys (since the very first one) have a designated place in our private backyard where they are allowed to go, but this tree was NOT IT. And DS has been told he is never to do this anywhere but in our yard at that one tree and at his grandparents at their designated tree. When DH said, "Why did you do that?" DS says, "I told you I had to go." And laughed. I probably don't need to tell you he got a chastisement b/c he knew he had done wrong.

I was very embarrassed. Like I said, he has been home nearly 2 years not a few months. *faint*

Jennifer said...

TOO funny!!! I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go!!

Cute pics of Gracie tip toeing in the sand. Molly was the same way this weekend in the sand. Immediately lifted her feet up for me to clean them and did NOT want me to put her back in that stuff. She better get used to it before our week trip to the beach this summer!

Happy Easter!!

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