Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Three Goofballs

These three are inseparable.  They go to school together and also play ball together.  Braden and Cole (center) have been best buds for years now.  Jared came along last year when they started playing ball together.  I love these boys.  They are all girl-crazy and always have some sort of drama going on.  They harass each other constantly, but would fight for each other in a heartbeat.

April 2012-6941

My two extra boys spend about 3 afternoons here each week between school and ball practice.  I have started feeding them dinner when they get home from school because they are so hungry.  Boy can they eat!  Between these 3 and my other 2 boys, I am cooking a TON of food!  It's fun though, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Here's where they ended up during spring break :)  Our own little red-neck riviera!!
April 2012-6946


DiJo said...

Love it!!!! What did the "littles" think of them invading their pool? My guess is you are always the house to hang out at!!!!

I wish we were having pool weather!


Natalie said...

I love your blog. I have been reading for quite a while but have never commented before.

Your children are adorable. The girls are just beautiful and the boys are handsome. I think you are an awesome Mom and you have a great hubby too.

I also have biological children (5) and adopted (3) I am now a grandma too.

I remember when one of my boys grew up and left for college. My food bill suddenly went down. I wondered for a moment and then remembered that it was not only him who left but several of his friends too. They all ate breakfast at our house and after school they were here playing and eating. It was fun to remember that.

What a wonderful time of life you are in. I know you are loving it.

Paige said...

Oh that brings back such great memories of Gardner and his buddies. I still miss them. One of them still comes to all of John David's and Madeline's bday parties:), now Janie's too I bet:)
Just wait until they are all driving and you have to run to the store since you don't have enough food when you weren't planning on it:) Costco and I became very good friends.
Boys are so much fun!!!!!

snekcip said...

Oh how I remember THOSE days!! We were "that house" that always had our kids friends at!!I had kids over so much that laundry sorting piles went a little like this....Ours, Girls, Boys and THE OTHER KIDS!!

Patty said...

Awww, enjoy the moments. My 3 boys are 24, 22 and 18......those boy things and the grocery bills do go down after they marry and move into their own apt. and off to College......

That picture brought back so many memories for me. And today's my oh my time flies.

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