Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Boy

Braden is probably the child you hear the least about.  He's a tough nut to crack.  He is extremely sweet, calm and quiet, but it has come to my attention, that he is quite the cut-up with his friends.  He is a texting machine.  I am not thrilled about that, but think it's so funny that he wants that constant communication.  The girls seem to love him (not surprised), and he loves them back :(  He is a country boy at heart, like his daddy, and wants to live in the middle of nowhere and drive a big bubba truck :)  (We'll see what all those girls think of that!! lol...)  He's 13, so he can be quite the pain in the behind, but I love him just the same and am so proud of him!

March 2012-6123

We have struggled with Braden and his grades this year.  He is a brainiac in math but he was really struggling the first half of the year.  He was slacking on assignments and making poor grades.  His phone was taken multiple times, brought me to tears and caused a meeting with the principal.  I am happy to report that he decided all on his own this past 9 weeks that he was going to get his work done...and he did!  He did not miss one assignment and this was all on his own.  I am so proud that he made a needed adjustment and took responsibility for his grades.

LOVE this boy, and I can't wait to see what God has planned for his life!!


snekcip said...

Great job Braden! I have no doubt you will excel in ANY and EVERY thing you desire!

Linda said...

Great news about his assignments! He's a sweetie! And he made a home run last weekend!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

So important that he made such a huge decision on his own~ so mature of him! I can certainly see why you are so proud!!! blessings and love!

DiJo said...

Way to go Braden!!! Do you want to tutor Ainsley!!!!?
I heard about your homerun from your proud Mama!!!!
Way to finish the school year strong, and start the bb season out on a fabulous note!!!!! I hope we get you up here to the North Country soon.. We have a jet ski and a few boats that you boys need to play on!!!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

what a sweet boy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, a home run hitting athlete, a math brainiac, and a ladies man in one package! Go Braden! So proud to hear you are hitting the books!

As a female math brainiac and MBA/CPA, may I just say there are some great careers that you may want to steer him towards, such as accounting, finance and actuarial science. They may sound dull to some, but I LOVE working in accounting and finance and, at times, wish I had been an actuary. If numbers speak to you, there are some great careers to be had. I am happy every day to do "math" in my job.

Hannah said...

He sounds a lot like my son. He is a country boy. He hunts and hikes and spends all day outside. The girls...oh my...we have it pretty bad here. They text him all day long. Thirteen is a crazy age.

I'm glad he was able to buckle down and get the job done :)

Kelly said...

Your Braden and my 12 y/o Kevin have a lot in common:) I could have written this post!

The Gutmans' said...

Teenagers, ha!! You take the best pictures. My hubby even looks at your blog & says you need to learn to take pictures like that, lol!

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