Monday, March 19, 2012

All About the Baseball

This weekend was all about the baseball in this house.  We had perfect weather to enjoy 4 games on Saturday and 4 games Sunday.  Sunday ended about 10:00pm with Braden's team winning the championship!  The highlight of the weekend, however, was Braden's VERY long homerun!  SO proud of him!!  He's one of the scrawniest on the team and one of the few who have hit it out of the park.  SO fun!

This picture is of Braden's teamates meeting him at homeplate to celebrate his homer.
March 2012-5936

Cade is playing around with the girls who were camped out by the fence.
March 2012-5738

March 2012-5744

Both grandmothers were there to watch the boys and help with the littles.
March 2012-5749

March 2012-5767

This chick cracks me up!  I have GOT to get her into gymnastics!  She's watching something on my phone in this comfortable pose :)
March 2012-5810

Pringles and a princess movie :)
March 2012-5867

Using bendables to make crowns and jewelry.
March 2012-5880

Lovin' her daddy.  I had a request to see more of the girls with their daddy :)
March 2012-5891

March 2012-5922

The champs!
March 2012-6148

I was such a fun weekend!  My SIL graciously kept the girls for me Sunday so I got to sit down, relax and cheer my loudest!  Thanks Amanda!!


Lori said...


By the way Miss Gracie will use that pose in gymnastics:):)
She will LOVE it!!

Jennifer said...

Awesome!! Way to go Braden!! I know you were one proud mama!
The girls looked totally entertained. Pringles and princess movies!...what more could a girl want??:)
And I agree, get that girl in gymnastics!!

Keisha said...

COngrats to the team! The girls look like they have a lot of fun at the ball park ;) And, I love the sweet pictures of Daddy & the girls. So sweet. I'm sure you see those sweet moments ALL the time with him & the girls. Sometimes, I forget to take a picture of those moments!

3 Peanuts said...

Congrats to he boys on their win!!!! And to Braden on his Homer!!!

The girls look adorable as always. SO funny...Kate wore that shirt Friday (that W has on) and she almost wore the one Gracie has on Saturday!!!!

Love the photos with Daddy ---so sweet.

Called you yesterday:)

Football and Fried Rice said...

It's always sweet to see girls with their Daddys!

I love your sweaty princesses in their Matilda Jane at the ball field :)

And yah for the champs!

Leggio said...

Makes me miss my boys!!!!!!! Glad yall had a great weekend.

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