Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Western Day

Here are a few more pics of our Western Day. They do so many cute things with the kids. I love preschool!

March 2012-6397

There was a teepee set up with an Indian there who showed the kids all kinds of items the Indians used.
March 2012-6405

We were all sitting inside the teepee.  This man was so cute and good with the kids.  He made a fire with a flint.
March 2012-6421

Musical chairs...where the chairs don't move :)  Their teacher decided to try taking a chair away and Gracie ended up being on the one without a chair (only because she found something else in the room to look at).  We all cheered for her like she had won, but she knew better than that.  Her classic "HEEYYY!" was pretty funny, and they added the chair back :)  Her bangs are almost grown out!  I use a barrette to hold them back but they still fall in her face.  I can't wait until they're grown!!!
March 2012-6458 March 2012-6460sweetness

Western dancing.  I don't remember the song, but they were showing their muscles.
March 2012-6475 March 2012-6509

They both love their teacher, and she is amazing with them.  She has been especially patient and creative as Gracie has learned English this school year.
March 2012-6515

Riding stick horses.
March 2012-6532 March 2012-6537

 Looking for the needles in the haystack :) How cute is this? They have this huge pile of shredded paper and put about 20 plastic needles in it. The kids are supposed to find them. It is not easy...but so fun!
March 2012-6557March 2012-6569

It is always so much fun to sit back and watch the differences in the girls.  Sometimes, it's exactly what I expect and sometimes they surprise me.  The stick horses were especially funny.  Wesleigh gallopped exactly as they had practiced, but the gallop was just a little too slow for Gracie.  Although she is more coordinated and could probably do it better, she didn't have the patience and just ran instead.


snekcip said...

Very! Very! Cute! Love it!! Bre is having a BARNYARD party for her 5th birthday Saturday and I'm gonna definitely use the "needle in the haystack" game!!! I'm gonna go down in the basement of our job and gets TONS of the shredded paper they create DAILY!!! We have so many fun ideas! You know pics are definitely gonna be on fb!!!

Love how the girls are exploring and learning!! They are just too cute for words!!!!

PS Everytime I hear about a "Gracie antic" I have to laugh b/c Bre and her are so much alike! From the high-spirited, rambunctious little girl on down to Bre's favorite saying now, which is "Heyyyyyyy" !! Too funny!!

quilt'n-mama said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Their outfits are so cute and I love the needle in the haystack activity. Every summer here for Community Day and Easter they have coins in the hay... It's a mess and terrible if your kids have allergies but they love digging through it to find coins.
My favorite pictures... them riding stick horses.

Leah Mei said...

They are even more precious together! Don't the biggest messes make the most fun? Love the needle in a haystack game!


Shannon said...

So cute! It just cracks me up to think of Gracie running around on that stick horse because galloping is too slow for her. Too funny!! Play hard or go home!! :)

The Gutmans' said...

So cute & looks like a lot of fun! That's a great picture of you & the girls!

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

VERY VERY cute! :-) I love the girls little dress's too:)!+

Lauren McG said...

What fun, what fun, what fun!!! Of course you had the best dressed girls! I can almost hear Wesleigh's squeals of delight in one photo! Happy times!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

oh my gosh, how cute!


3 Peanuts said...

It is just so clear how much you and the girls loved Western Day!!! Y'all look so so so cute and happy!

Leggio said...

Cutest Cowgirls Ever!!!!!!!!! How fun. Mommy even looked cute in her cowgirl gear. Thanks for the encouragment this morning. :)

Jennifer said...

Y'all make some cute cowgirls! I LOVE their cowboy boots! I need to be on the hunt for a pair for Molly. I mean living in Texas and all...:) Hope y'all are having a great weekend.

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