Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ugh...It's just one of those weeks!! With half my kiddos gone, things are WAY too quiet around here, and Braden is so quiet that you hardly know he's around on any day. Not to mention, that the weather is has been so yucky!

So...Wesleigh and I are just hanging our pj's...BORED!! Oh well, Cade will be back tomorrow and I'll be spinning from the craziness (and dirty laundry) he brings :) Then I'll be wishing for "yesterday" :)

His last ball tournament it this weekend. I can't believe his season is already over! I'm praying they can do well and end the season right. His team had a little swim party last week. Miss Thing LOVES to swim so she was thrilled. Note the hands on her hips while dad has her Tinkerbell float :)



She has no fear. She climbed right up this slide and probably would have gone by herself!

Gotta love the red kool-aid!

We have tried the big bed the last two nights with no success. She was very excited about it, but when it comes to go. She asks for her baby bed. I'm thinking we're going to have to take the crib out of the room so she doesn't have that option anymore. As far as I'm concerned, she could stay in that crib till she was 5, but with Gracie Joy coming home, I feel like I need to have Wesleigh settled in her big bed before we leave for China. However, I guess I could just leave her in the crib and when we come home, she and Gracie could both get used to their big beds together? It might be easier to just transition once. I'm expecting to have to sleep in there for a while anyway, at least until I can get over the jetlag. Any thoughts?

Hope the weather is better where you are, and you're having a fun summer day!!


Paige said...

Madeline had a really hard time transitioning to her big bed too. She was 3 1/2 when we finally had to because she was just too big for the baby bed. Once I moved the crib out of the room she did it and never looked back and was sooooo proud of herself! I'm like you I would have left her until she was 5 if she fit:) In the whole scheme of life who cares if little Wesleigh is in her crib and Gracie is in a big bed haha! Good luck!! I LOVE the pic with Wesleigh's hands on her hips, she is tooooo cute!

Scott and Sharon Ankerich said...

We are doing the same thing here... moving to new beds. I think it's a little easier because we are moving from one twin to another~ just on a different floor upstairs. They have done well. Think taking the crib out will help but she will probably cry for a few nights. You might have to stay with her until she is asleep. Does she have a pillow pet? That might help her. Maybe since she is a 'big' girl now she gets a special friend to sleep with. She is so precious and change is so hard!!! Just ask EK. :)

Kristi said...

My older 2 both had camp this week (basketball for my boy & cheer for my oldest diva) so my little has been bored, bored, bored! Luckily, both camps are over after today so she'll have her playmates/servants back. Also, we are putting a pool in - the contractor promised us it will be done in 3 weeks..woot woot!!

ji said...

We were in the same boat. Our daughter, Sophie, had just turned 2 when we adopted our Ella who also had just turned 2 (they are a month apart)...we decided to keep Sophie in her crib since she would already of been going through enough changes with a new sister coming and then put Ella in a bed since everything was new already! It worked out perfectly! Goog luck!

Gale said...

May I ask about her little swimsuit??

Sammons said...

I'm keeping Lexi in her crib till she's 10 :)
Gosh, if she sleeps well in her crib, why mess with a good thing? I think if it was me I would wait and shee what she thinks when Gracie sleeps in a big girl bed. But you know your girl best!!!
Totally off the subject, I can't get over how long her torso is!!! In that last picture, so cute!! Lexi is the opposite, super short torso and never ending legs. She wears a 12 month onsie but fits in 18-24 month pants! We call her crazy legs!!! Praying your TA comes soon!! Mary

Hoots Momma said...

Where on earth did you get that precious bathing suit??? LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Don't be bored, enjoy some special mommy/daughter time with Wesleigh. It might be harder to come by after Miss Gracie arrives! :)

Amie said...

LOVE the sassy picture of her as dad borrows the floaty. hilarious. And darling suit.

Hope you had some good down time with your little peanut!!


Jennifer said...

omg! love the hands on her hips...she's too cute!

Ali said...

I would for sure take out the crib. Why give her the option. She of couse is going to want what is comfortable. I think it is a good idea that you transition her before grace comes. You don't want her to feel bad cause she is still in a crib and gracie isn't. Maybe a new lovey (pillow pet or something) for her to sleep with in her new bed would help.

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