Saturday, May 28, 2011


When Bryce was little, he watched The Jungle Book all the time. Richard and I can still recite most of the movie :) This might be why we have called Wesleigh "Mowgli" ever since her hair grew out into that amazing muellet. Lately, she is refusing to keep her pj's on at night. Everytime I go get her from her bed, this is what I see...Mowgli! :)


I love it!!

I just finished Lisa's photography class. It was filled with lots of great information and I learned a ton. If I'm honest, though...I'm a little overwhelmed, and think my camera is still smarter than I am! I think it's just going to take more practice than I thought. I have some cute models, but they were all done being cooperative by week 2! I might have to resort to paying my models for their time (and smiles) would think living indoors would be payment enough!! :)

Here are a couple of shots I got from my cranky models this week:






Football and Fried Rice said...

Ha, Ha! Love your Mowgli!

Had to laugh about the cooperation of your models! I get about the same reaction from all THREE! But hey, we will have "new blood" coming soon :-) Maybe Gracie & Ruby wont know better for a while!

Until then, pay up, mama!

3 Peanuts said...

All the photo stuff will literally "Click" into place one day. Coordinating the ISO, APerture, metering and Shutter speed will become automatic the more you do it. I had it down so well a year or two ago and then when I let up on the photography, I got rusty and now it takes me a little more time but it is coming back..

I think your photos lately have looked AWESOME!!!

Will LOVED the Jungle book too and we used to call him mowgli or our little man cub:) I think we have it meomrized too:)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

beautiful shots!


Kim said...

I sooo want to take that class...
Love ya..

Sharon Ankerich said...

LOVE the photo of M. in her crib. :) and the boys are hilarious!!! I sure hope to take that class sometime... I know it was wonderful!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

hee hee.....Lottie used to do that in her crib and we called her Mowgli too:)

DiJo said...

That pic of Mowgli is perfect. If you shot that in manual you do get it!!!! LOVE the last pic. I can relate to that subject!!!!

Have fun at the beach!!!!


Shannon said...

This post just cracked me up, both Mowgli and your boys. Too funny!

snekcip said...

That Mowgli comment was hysterical!! I also had to laugh at your "willing" models! I have to laugh because my 2yr old grandson can be smiling his head off, until I grab the camera and he starts scowling!He's only 2!!! Bree on the other hand has been a willing model. She is a camera HOG and will just about smile and pose the moment I grab the camera. There are times she doesnt want to, so you know what I thought of he beloved schnauzer! The poor dog can't talk and can't complain and that makes her PERFECR! I grab "doggy treats", chalk, cute jazzy outfit,hats and props and out the door we went! I gotta say I captured some cute moments on camera! I gotta upload them to FB later in the week! I'm pretty intimidated by my camera, but YOU my dear are doing an awesome job! Wanna borrow my dog to practice on? :)

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